Monday, September 19, 2016

Snow 2015

This year we got our 2-3 inches of snow and got to stay home from school for a couple of days in February. It was a nice peaceful snow without a lot of fuss and drama. This is my favorite kind of snow. It comes in quietly, leaves everything looking beautiful for a day or two and then disappears. The only part I had a hard time with this year was the waddling around in the cold, wet, mushy stuff. Being fat and tired is for the birds! Especially when it comes to the snow!

Our cute little house in the snow. This is the first snow with the addition sticking out on the side!

Alba gu Bra

The Leyland trees have really grown. It won't be too long before no one can see in!

I love my new rope swing. It's perfect for pictures.

We couldn't let the dogs out this year. We had to fence them in. :(
They like to run across the street and kill the neighbors chickens.

Tree house in the snow.

Chicken pen and my new greenhouse up and running. More pics of what's
inside to come soon in another post.

Headed out to see the snow in the woods.

Well of course Shelby had to go check it all out too.

This year Abby took her new tablet and wanted to take her own pictures.
View from the woods of the back of the house.

The beautiful trail before 3 wheeler tracks.

Shhhh...we're hunting wabbit.

My three girls (for now....soon it will be four!)

And of course we had to throw the snow at each other.

This little one wanted no part of that mess!
Carry me please dear sir.

One of my FAVORITE pictures of this sweet baby.
She's just made for the camera.

Our yard rooster - Red. He was a friendly little guy.
A few weeks later he was a tasty little guy. An owl decided to
go after him. Fortunately Perry saw the whole thing happen, killed
the owl and we had fried chicken for dinner.

Snowman time.

Daddy always seems to do the heavy lifting!

Sweet Emi.

Finally, some little helpers.

They like to put the finishing touches on!

And that's enough snow for me until next year!

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