Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday wishes

This year Miss Priss's birthday wish was to have her room painted and re-decorated. Santa brought a new bed set and I told her for her birthday I would do everything else. As usual something always seemed to get in the way of actually getting started and Miss Priss was getting a little down about it. So on her actual birthday I surprised her by getting started. When she came home from school I told her something else had come up yet again. So she went to her room with her head down. Less than 10 seconds later she was squealing with joy!
The birthday girl and her b'day surprise!

Before and after colors. She wanted her walls green.
We recovered the seat of this chair with this awesome music fabric we found at Wally-world.

I painted the chair black and the furniture white. We even covered the bulletin board with fabric too!

I found this cute little piece at the flea market and painted it white too. Miss Priss bought the lamp and shade with some of her Christmas money.

The bed is an antique rod iron bed from her Grandmother as is the furniture we painted white.

The room turned out just beautiful if I do say so myself! I just love the colors!!! Its still a work in progress, but its coming along quite well. Most importantly Miss Priss loves it (and she even keeps it clean-er)!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Miss Priss - a whole decade!

Ten years ago we were looking at this little grub wondering how on earth we were gonna do this!
One of my favorite pictures of all time.
I guess we managed okay because now we have this amazing young lady:
Happy Birthday to a wonderful, talented, beautiful, kind, precious young lady!
Can't wait to see what the next ten years have in store!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Christmas/New Year's at Papaw and D's 2012

Since we were unable to schedule other Christmas parties due to illness, we had to postpone and combine. No big deal to these girls! That just means more presents at a later time! We combined the Hays Christmas get together with New Year's to make things a little easier.
Miss Priss feeling MUCH better!

Little Bit waiting to open gifts!

Miss Priss and Susie.

The Woodsman looking oh so thrilled to be party-ing AGAIN.

The girls passing out gifts and finally getting to open them!
And that's it for 2012!!! (Finally! - even if it did take me 5 extra months to get it all here! - Ready to print out our memories for 2012!)

Christmas Dinner at Pop and Nonna's 2012

Even though Miss Priss wasn't feeling well she still wanted to go to Pop and Nonna's for Christmas dinner. After opening her gifts all she did was sleep on the couch. :(
Slowly opening gifts. Even when you don't feel good, you still gotta know what's in that box!

Not really wanting to smile, but.....
She loved her gown from Aunt Cathy. We are all about some plaid in case you didn't know!

Granny T helping Little Bit open her gifts.

She also loved her gown from Aunt Cathy. They LOVE granny gowns (the long, to the floor gowns my grandmother made for me and my cousins when we were little girls. I don't know what these gowns are actually called, but we call the Granny Gowns!)
After the girls open their gifts all the adults open theirs as well. Here is me thinking this was my gift for the year (which I love). It came wrapped in a box for an I-pad. Didn't really think anything of it, we reuse boxes for gift-giving all the time.
Cool shirt. I think its funny anyway!
Then I get another present. This time its in a netgear box. I'm thinking okay, I have one of these so......?

 And then I open it! All of a sudden it becomes clear what's inside!
My very own I-pad! Whoo hoo!

Little Bit had to check it out too!
I was totally shocked and had no idea about it. Completely surprised and quite excited. Pretty good Christmas if I do say so myself! ;)

Christmas morning 2012

Christmas morning always seems to come and go so fast. This year was no different.
Santa left gifts, the girls ripped into them, breakfast was eaten, visitors came and went.
One thing was a bit off for this year though.....Miss Priss was SICK. She tried to have fun and enjoy everything, but when you don't feel good, you just don't feel good.

Before the girls.

First glimpse.

Digging in.

Little Bit's new camera.

Miss Priss's new microscope.

Oh and Daddy got a new toy too!

As the morning wore on, Miss Priss started getting more and more pitiful (as Little Bit took pictures).

We did talk her into eating something. We all enjoyed Daddy's yummy breakfast casserole.

Then it hit. I still don't think she knows about this picture. She crashed and layed around with a fever for the rest of the day. :(

Meanwhile Little Bit opened her new American Girl Doll from Papaw and D.

Papaw, Little Bit and D trying to same warm in front of the fire.

All three girls passed out in front of the fire from a long day of gifts, visiting, eating and for Miss Priss, not feeling well. 
Hopefully next year everyone will be well!

Christmas Eve 2012

Every Christmas Eve of my life has been spent at my Grandmother's house......until this year! Unfortunately I had one VERY sick little girl on my hands and sure didn't want to get anyone else sick. We are pretty sure now that she had the flu (seeing as how Mommy came down with it about a week later). Pictures in a later post will show just how pitiful she was! :(
So we stayed home and decided to smoke a Turkey for Christmas Day. Wow was it awesome! Just look at that crispy bird!


Christmas at Granny T's

Ah the tradional Christmas party at Granny T's the weekend before Christmas. Its always a big hit and we have a great time. We start the festivities around 3pm and go until we can't stand it anymore. Of course the girls always sleep over, so they get up the next day and keep going!
All the children gathered around to hear the Christmas story.

All listening so intently.

Gift time. Tyler and Victoria opening their gifts.

Miss Priss and Little Bit tearing into theirs.

All the adults watching the little ones enjoy ripping into their gifts.

The whole 2012 crew:
Back row left to right: Carolyn, Me, Nonna, Linda, Little Jim, Papa Jim, Jay, Victoria and Tyler.
Middle row left to right: The Woodsman, Michelle, Granny T, Turner, Robert and Pop.
Front row left to right: Miss Priss, Little Bit and Taylor

Granny T, Michelle (Jim's granddaughter) and Papa Jim

Granny T and Papa Jim

Little Jim (Jim's son) and his girlfriend Linda

Victoria and Tyler

Robert's crew
Taylor, Victoria, Tyler, Robert and Turner

Taylor, Robert and Turner
Tyler and Robert

Jay, Pop and Nonna

My crew
And the best part of the evening........ SPOONS!!!! Here below is the award ceremony. Last years winner must hand over the spoon trophy to the new winner.

Last year's winner: Me!
And this year's winner.......DRUM ROLL PLEASE....

The little ones had their own spoon game this year too. The first annual Children's spoon winner......

Little Bit!!!!
After we all settled in a little with full bellies, opened gifts and spoon trophies, the girls put on a show.

 First up Miss Priss and Little Bit performed together.
Miss Priss played "Jolly Ole Saint Nick" while Litte Bit sang.
Oh my word HOW CUTE it was!!!!
Then Miss Priss played her recital piece (which we missed to go see Bobby Horton's Christmas here to see how big of a deal that is!) and a handful of Christmas Carols for us all to sing along wtih.

Next year she will hopefully be entertaining us with a new instrument!!! Tune in later to find out which one it is!!!
Of course we all had a great time as usual and look forward to it again next year!