Monday, August 29, 2011

Cake Boss.....kid style!

Saturday the girls were invited to a cake decorating party. It was actually a "trial run" party for a friend of ours that is trying to start a business. Its a GREAT business idea!! After watching the girls have a blast decorating  their cakes, I was SOLD! 

The idea is simple...these ladies bake the cakes, spread a thin layer of white icing over the cakes, buy all the icing and candy and let the kids go to town. They will do birthday parties or any kind of kid party and they come to you wherever you might be. Both girls have already asked me when we are doing this again and if they can have a cake decorating birthday party.

Here are a few snap shots I took. Sorry for the yellow tint to the pics. I was so excited to bring my brand new flash my wonderful hubby gave me for our anniversary,  but I forgot to bring the batteries for it. UGH! I will touch them up later, but for now I just couldn't wait to get them on the blog!!

The bowls of yummy tempting!

Little Bit thought so too!

The kids waiting patiently to get their cakes.

Here they are acting as if they are all shy!

Miss Priss listening so intently to the directions and rules! She's soooo my rule follower!

Little Bit watching how to use the fondon icing.

Little Bit adding a little detail to her fondon star.

Ah the story of Miss Priss for the day! I do believe she has a future in the world of cake decorating!! Either that or she's very OCD! :) She had a very distinct idea in her head before she even got there of what her cake was going to look like. She even wore a certain dress to match her cake! She started off very precise and followed through to the end! Everyone oooo-ed and ahhhh-ed over her creation and she just grinned from ear to ear. 

I told Little Bit to decorate the sides (what I meant was the side of the cake - she took it as the sides of the cardboard! - too cute!)

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day! Miss Priss is so involved in making her cake perfect. If you look just past her though, you will see Sarah enjoying the other part of cake decorating fun - eating as you go!!

Miss Priss working diligently on completely her vision.

Little Bit working tediously on placing the different candies just right!

Miss Priss taking a quick break to pose for a picture with her cake. I searched through the different candies to find colors to match her scheme. We found m&ms that worked beautifully!

The masterpiece almost finished.

Little Bit's masterpiece ready to eat!!

So proud of her artwork!

The final product and the proud artist. We added one last touch to make it complete. Around the bottom are snowcap candies pressed into the cake. Now its all ready to EAT!!

Little Bit's masterpiece is ready to eat too! My favorite part is actually the non-editable pipe cleaners springing from the top!

The girls had an amazing time and I had a great watching them. Good luck to our friends with a wonderful idea! I really think you're on to something!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

First day of 3rd grade and KINDERGARTEN...... it's just not right!

Today is the first day of school for both of my kiddos. They are now both in real school. It's so hard to believe!!! Of course they have been excited and ready for this day for a couple of weeks now. I started school two weeks before these two, so I took the opportunity to take the morning off and take them to school myself! I was able to take Miss Priss to her first day of kindergarten 3 years ago and today I was able to take Little Bit for her first day. They are just growing up too fast!

Little Bit's first day of Kindergarten.....

All smiles! The backpack is almost as big as she is! 

Then she had to show off her 1st day outfit without all the bags!

Wow....1st day of 3rd grade for Miss Priss!

She's stylin' with her over the shoulder backpack!

Showin' some sass with her rockin' 1st day outfit! excited about being in the same building together this year.

Telling Shelby bye.

Little Bit outside her classroom.

Following Ms. Donna in to find her seat.

Sitting at her table coloring, waiting for her classmates to all come in and start the day!

Miss Priss is very independent, so when I asked her if she wanted me to walk her to her classroom and she said yes, well I HAD to go!!!

Miss Priss outside her classroom. (After the picture I got a look like.... "Mommmmm.... please don't follow me in!")

So I didn't follow her in....

But I did sneak this one shot of her unpacking and getting settled into her desk. ;)

I know they will have a great day and a great year!