Monday, September 19, 2016

EC's baby shower 2015

It's almost time for the newest Clan Hay member to make her debut. Thanks to all our friends and family that came to celebrate her arrival with love and gifts. A special thanks to two of my besties that put this shower together. We have been friends since third grade when my family moved to Springville in the first place. I love you guys soooo much more than you will ever know.....
Alice Pearce Williams and Katie Mullins Davis.
I am so blessed to have such amazing ladies in my life.

Emily helping me open a couple of gifts.

Abby Davis helping to unwrap and organize the gift table.

Nonna, Me and EC
As of right now Nonna is excited because we are scheduled to induce 
on her birthday. We'll see if I can hang in there that long!

Laura graciously accepted my begging for someone to write down
gifts and names. Thank heavens for her help later on when it came time for
thank you cards!

I think she had fun opening some of the gifts too.

The cute goodies are starting to fill up the table!

I think Abby D had a blast organizing all the gifts. All the
girls were such a huge help!

The amazing food table. Punch, chicken salad croissant rolls, fruit - even
a try with a fruit baby, nuts, cheese and crackers.

Granny T was in charge of the punch and it was delicious.

I love all the burlap, wood and silver d├ęcor!

The fruit baby! Paci and all!

My lovely simple cake. This was probably my favorite. There was
an E on top, but we took pictures before it was ready - oops!
Not only was it beautiful, but it was tasty too! Strawberry!

Emily and Abby D sampling everything to make sure it was all good!

And the guests arrive. Miss Ann Terry, Miss Fancy Nancy (Tucker), Leslie
Jones, Me and Nonna

My Pell City teacher friends. Oh how I miss them so.

So excited Denise and Pam were able to come. Melanie was at another
shower for her foster daughter that day.

Half of Kris, me, Victoria, Jeb, Dez and half of Alice.

Two mommies to be. We are both beyond ready to get this show on the road.
Dez is due exactly one week after me.

Meg and Les

My gals! You know I have to have a picture if we are all in the same
place at the same time. I love my MACK!
Alice, Katie, me and Celeste.

Granny T, me, Emily, Abby and Nonna.

Me and my girls.

All the Hays ladies.
D, Abby, Emily, me, Dez and Laura.

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