Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Here's a picture I took of a cool old barn while we were in North Carolina. I love to play around with the pics when I get home on and I just had to share this one. If you are a fellow pathological picture-taker, you really need to check out this website.

Loosey, goosey

After seeing all her friends loose some of their teeth, Miss Priss has FINALLY lost one herself! It's the end of her first grade year and according to her it was time. I tried to convince her it was better to keep her baby teeth as long as possible, but there was no convincing!

This first picture was a couple of nights before it actually came out. As badly as she wanted to loose a tooth, she sure was hanging on to this one! She wouldn't let anyone near it, although I tried a few times.

It's like a right-of-passage to finally loose a tooth especially when everyone else around you is doing it. Miss Priss was just beside herself about the whole situation. Other kids were beginning to tease her and she was miserable. Sometimes I honestly think she worried her tooth loose! Never-the-less it finally happened and I've never seen her more excited.

One night as we were sitting in front of fire, I finally convinced her to let me look at how loose it was. Without even knowing it I pulled the tooth right out of her mouth! She was happy when she realized what had happened. She ran to get her tooth fairy pillow and quickly got in bed!

The tooth fairy gave her $5 that night for the tooth. Crazy tooth fairy! We made sure to explain how valuable those 1st baby teeth are and how the others probably won't be worth quite as much. ;)

**Sigh** My baby is growing so fast!

Spring Break 2010! Part 1 - The Zoo

I knew I wanted to take the girls to the zoo during Spring Break, but I couldn't decide what day would be best. When I heard that Tuesdays were half price days I quickly made up my mind! The day started off kind of cloudly, but by the time we made it to the zoo the sun was in full blast and it was beginning to warm up. It turned out to be the perfect day for a trip to the zoo.

I think this was Little Bit's first time to be old enough to remember going to the zoo. She's always been in a stroller not knowing what was going on. So this time she was on her feet and checking it all out. Miss Priss has been several times and could now give tours of the zoo on her own! They both had a great time and it turned out to be a great day!

Little Bit checking out the Sea Lions.

The new Kangaroo exhibit was really cool.
They were all laying around soaking up the sun.

At first we thought the Crocs were just swimming around, but when we
spotted this guy summing we about jumped out of our skins! He was HUGE!!
I would hate to run into him outside the zoo!

Little Bit taking a break from all the walking!

Another new addition was the playground. We stopped to have lunch here
and let the girls play around.

Going across the swinging bridge. Little Bit wasn't so sure about it at first, but she warmed up to it.

Miss Priss the spider.

Posing in front of the zebras. Just look at those cute little faces!!

Little Bit and the giraffe.

Okay so I had to include this picture of this very odd PIG!
It looks like something a SI-FI movie!!
Look at how "fancy" his ears are!

Then of course we had to ride the carousel!
Wave at Daddy.

I included this shot just to show how excited Little Bit was.
Her feet are completely off the ground!!

Miss Priss lookin' sweet.

Petting the poster of the cheetah before going home.
They were sad to leave, but I do believe they enjoyed it! All in all we had a great day. They weather started off a little cloudy, but ended up being beautiful. Hopefully next time we visit they will be finished with all the construction and we can see the elephants, rhinos, hippos and all the other African wildlife.

Friday, March 12, 2010

School Music Programs.... brings back memories!

Ah, the sweet sounds of little voices singing. Last night was the 1st grade musical performance of "Animals". And what a great performance it was! The kids did an awesome job with the singing and hand motions. They were all so stinkin' cute. It brings back memories of when I was that age and singing in programs. I thought I was so big and that moment was so big! Looking back at it now all I can do is laugh.

Pop was able to catch it all on video so we can look back in 20 years and see how young we all once were. Thankfully there aren't many videos of my little programs! That's probably a good thing.

Here are a couple of snapshots from our evening out.

Emalee, Samantha and Miss Priss stopping for a quick
picture before the big show.
(They are all in the same class.)

Mrs. Watkins's class sitting in the hall waiting to go on stage.

Marching in to begin the show.

The whole 1st grade. There are 9 classes in all.
With around 20 in each class, that's a lot of kids!
Miss Priss was so excited about the colorful shirts.
She said "Momma, your're gonna love the rainbow of colors!"

Singing their little hearts out.

Here they are roaring like lions during the "Cool Cats" song.

Waving to all the parents after the show.

This performance brought back a lot of other memories last night too. It was held in the auditorium of the middle school. You see a few years ago they built a new high school, so they turned the old one into the middle school. The building is still "the high school" to me though. I spent four years in that building and I haven't been back for a LONG time. It still looks the same, but wow did it feel different. Everything got a lot smaller!!! It was just fun to think of all the times I ran down those halls, sat in those classrooms and opened those lockers. Wow how time flies. Makes you feel quite old! It's neat to go back and reminisce though.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ayyyy, Matey.....

I've decided I might need to start learning a second language, Pirate! At the rate we are going, I need to learn how to speak like a pirate so I can one day communicate with my future Pirate-son-in-law. That's right, I am already thinking about my future son-in-law because Little Bit is absolutely obsessed with pirates. One pirate in particular has caught her eye - Captain Jack Sparrow. (I love to hear her say Capan Jack!) She watched the Pirates of the Caribbean one time at D's and she was in LOVE! We now have an imaginary Capan Jack at our house. He has a seat at the table, a pillow and blanket on the bed (did you know that he wears spiderman PJs??), a towel in the bathroom, shoes and a coat to put on in the morning. He even has to buckle up in the car!

Apparently he has been talking to Little Bit too. She came flying into the livingroom the other night with this sad look on her face almost ready to cry. I said "What's wrong?"  Little bit, very upset, says, "Capan Jack told me to hush!" Trying not to laugh I said, "Don't let him talk to you that way! You go tell him to hush!" A smile grew on her face and she took off to her room. We could hear her in there talking very stearnly to herself, but we couldn't really make out what she was saying. Sounded like poor ole Capan Jack got an ear full though!

Now, about the son-in-law part. Little Bit has out right told us that she wants to marry a pirate one day. Many people have tried to talk her out of this one. Poor D has had no such luck. The conversation went a little like this:

Little Bit: "D, I love Capan Jack and one day I gonna marry a pirate!"

D: "Oh Honey, why would you want to do that?"

Little Bit: "Cause I like the way he looks."

D: "But he's dirty and has rotten teeth. You don't want to marry someone with rotten teeth!"

L.B.: "I don't care."

D: "But don't you know that pirates take you away from your family and make you live on a ship? You won't get to see your mommy and daddy."

L.B.: "I'll just make him bring me back sometimes."

D: "But don't you like the cute Will Turner (Orlando Bloom character) better? He's cute and a lot nicer!"

L.B.: "Nope, I like my pirate!!!!"

D: "But why?????"

L.B.: "Cause he's a wild boy and I like wild boys!" (as she moves her eyebrows up and down!)

D: "Oh heavens, don't let you're daddy hear you!"

As she runs off giggling, I thought D was going to pass out! We all had the same question - Where in the world did she come up with that one?

So I guess I am off to learn how to talk like a pirate now. Maybe one day she will come to her senses, but until then I better get busy so "Fair winds me mateys!"