Monday, September 19, 2016

Hays cemetery 2015

Thankfully the weather for decoration this year was fabulous! It would have been very difficult to take a 7 week old out in the rain or the cold. In fact I don't know that I would have been that crazy! I'm glad EC didn't have to miss her first trip to the Hays Cemetery. We had a traditional walk down the hill from Mamaleta and Papa Perry's headstones down to Stanwick's. Then we walked down Hays Cemetery Road to Hays Creek followed by our favorite part....lunch at Top Hat's BBQ.

Look at that peaceful little face.
Such a pretty baby.
I'm not bias at all!
All the walking and strolling put her out like a light.

Spunky Emi ready to visit the creek.

Smiley Abby ready to get out of the sun.

And she had to sneak one more in!

My 3 girls!

EC's first time at Stanwick's grave.

EC was glad to be back in her shaded ride and Emi gladly pushed her down to the creek.

Emily, Abby and Drew at Hays Creek.

After our yummy lunch we headed down to Sulfur Springs to check out the concrete spring bowls and all the sulfur coming out of them. Apparently whatever PaPaw was saying was quite interesting. All the kids and even Brian were intrigued!

Another great day and I didn't get a picture of the whole group. Apparently this baby brain is getting to me worse than I thought! Gotta be better with these pictures!

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