Monday, September 19, 2016

Kayaking 2015

I can finally use my Kayak again! After buying our new kayaks last year, the trips were quickly put on hold when we found out I was pregnant. Little bit of a bummer, but I knew it wouldn't last forever. Funniest part now that I look back on it, I was actually a couple of weeks pregnant and didn't know it yet when we bought the darn things. Once bringing a new baby into the picture kind of calmed down, I talked Perry into taking me out in the boats a couple of different times.

Our first trip back on the water was just in the back yard down Big Canoe Creek. It was just enough to get out and paddle again and of course Shelby was not going to miss this. She loves to be on the go and sight seeing the outdoors is right up her alley. I just love that crazy dog. Half way back it started to rain pretty good. It was an interesting short trip back out in the kayak, but I loved it.

Our second trip out was actually my birthday/end of school/just had a new baby and need to get away trip to Cave Springs, GA. We rented a cool little cabin, went downtown to see the original springs, out to dinner, antiquing and finally down Cedar Creek. It was a short trip, but a nice one.

I love being out on the water!

Aren't they so cute! We're ready to be back on the water!

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