Monday, October 26, 2009

Stone Mtn. Pics finally

Finally, the pictures from Stone Mtn. My computer is not cooperating!!! The pictures are uploading at an extremely slow rate and I am having a hard time getting them to the finally here are some from two weekends ago when we went to stone mtn. I will get the scottish festival pics up soon!

We spent Sunday at the Stone Mountain State Park looking at the cravings and walking around the park. It was a Beautiful day, but a bit chilly to say the least! The park was great. When both of the girls are older and we magically have more money, (HA!) I would love to take them both back and enjoy everything the park had to offer. Here are just a few pics from the day.   

Daddy, Papaw and A looking a the mountain through the binoculars.

Daddy and A still checking out the mountain.

A and the gaint craving. (She looks so small compared to it!)

P and the carving.

The craving through the glass window of the sky-lift to the top of the mountain. I really enjoyed the ride up and down the mountain. It's really neat to see just how big that mountain is. (This was also my first trip to Stone Mtn. so I was a little excited too!!)

Look! Mommy was on the trip after all!! I think this was the only picture of me on the whole trip. Thanks P for grabbing the camera and actually making me be in one too!!

 A posing in front of the carving.

Daddy and A sitting around enjoying the day in the park.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Stone Mountain here we come!

It is finally time for the next scottish festival! I am so excited. We are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to go to the Scottish Festival at Stone Mountain State Park in Georgia. We have never been to this one before, but it sounds like it should be a lot of fun. We went to the largest scottish festival in the world this summer at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. It was Awesome. The atmosphere is very family oriented. Everyone is nice and they are all there to enjoy the events just like you. I don't really know what to expect this go round since it's on a smaller scale, but I'm sure we will have a blast. This summer we decided not to take the kids. We quickly discovered that the girls would have had a blast. So this time we decided to take A long. I just know she is going to love it. The dancing, the music, the bagpipes, the games, the foods.....oh I just can't wait!!! I'm sure I will take plenty of pictures with the new camera and share them as soon as we get back! Until then...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our own little Annie Oakley

With her cowgirl boots and Papaw's riffle, we have our own little Annie Oakley. Don't worry, the gun was not loaded!! In fact it is broken and won't shoot anyway. Dispite that fact, the kids had a blast this weekend pretending to shoot!

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Making sure she hits her target!

Here is cousin D getting in on the action too! (Actually I am pretty sure that he had the gun first, but A insisted on playing with it too!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mommy's girls

My girls....

...are just so stinkin' sweet! (And pretty darn cute too, if you ask me!)

The new couple

P's sister and her man have tied the knot!! The happy new couple let me do a little practice this weekend. They have already officially said their "I DO's", but they have a quick vow ceremony coming up next month. They've asked me to bring my camera and TRY to capture some good pictures of the occasion. I gladly accepted, but told them not to hold their breath!! ;) We were all at the g'parents house this weekend so I convinced them to let me snap a few "practice" shots to get ready for the big day. We can call them the "engagement pictures" maybe?? Oh well! Here are just a few..... (they were great to work with so that made it a bit easier!!)

Friday, October 2, 2009

E's photo shoot

After we returned from the doctor's office and park, we decided to go out and take some pics around the house. A was pretty worn out, so this shoot was focused more on E. She is just so darn cute! Check 'em out!

A day at the park

Okay, so A WAS sick with a fever, cough and headache beginning on Tuesday. So she stayed home with P on Wednesday and I made plans to take her to see Dr. Joe on Thursday. She slept all day Wednesday and really seemed to not feel well, hardly eating, not running around, etc. Come Thursday she is cool as a cucumber! She still didn't feel 100% so I took her on to the doctor anyway. I felt like one of those "over-protective" moms that doctors laught about when you leave. She was perfectly fine. No flu, no strep, no nothing. Apparently she had a short little virus that has come and gone. Oh well!! We enjoyed our day off and out anyway!

Since all was well and A was beginning to perk up, we decided to visit the park. Of course I took my camera with me to capture some good shots. I took a ton!!! Here are some that turned out pretty good. A getting ready to run down the ramp again.
E coming down the slide. Looks like she's having a blast.
E and A playing around the swings. E kept going round and round and round the pole while A played on the swings.
Isn't she just beautiful!?!
Getting ready to go down the slide AGAIN!
A is awesome on these monkey bars. She can go all the way across and not miss a beat! I've always said she was a little monkey!!
E just hanging out.
A posing for the camera! Beautiful!
E jumping from one platform to the next. I tried to get some cool shots of this, but I couldn't get back far enough and I still don't know exactly what I was doing!! HA!
A climbing on the gaint dinosaur in the middle of the park. She climbed all the way to the top!
E going up and down the steps. Thankfully there were no other kids there at the time!
A was a little disappointed in the fact there were no kids her age there to play with. They were all in school! She quickly got over it and had fun anyway.
Come on mom...another picture!! Geezzz!
A at the bottome of the slide.
E at the bottom of the slide. Check out that hair!
I thought this one was just adorable.
E running down the ramp full force!! Do we have to go already???

Someone is not happy about leaving (and maybe a little tired too!!)

All in all we enjoyed our day off. It was a BEAUTIFUL fall day and we needed the time off together. It's back to the grind stone now though!!