Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 was a big year in many ways. First it was EC's first Christmas! She was a really fun age to watch. She had no idea what was going on, but she very much so enjoyed the attention, the gifts and all the being on the go! The second reason was that Granny T and Jim weren't quite settled after they sold their house last Christmas. They were living in one of their rental houses and in the process of buying their house in Springville. Third, it started raining on Christmas night and dumped several inches on us in a matter of hours. No one was expecting this much rain so they didn't open the Damn and the creek flooded in a historic manner! More about that later.

Christmas party #1
Since Granny T and Jim weren't finalized with the new house yet, we had her annual Christmas party at Pop's house. This worked out well for this year, but I'm sure she will gladly take it back to her new place for next year's shindig!

Meg, Abby, Perry, Emily, Pop, Ella Claire, Granny T, Jim, Robert, Taylor and Turner.

Turner, Taylor, EC, Emily and Abby

Granny T with 3 grands and 3 great-grands.

Turner, Robert and Taylor.

My crew. Emily 9 1/2, EC 10 months, Abby almost 13.

Granny T and Jim.

Nonna and her girls.

Then of course Pop had to join in the action.

Somebody loves her Pop and to pull his beard!

EC had such a great time with all this present stuff.
She says enough with the pictures, lets get this show on the road!

Daddy helping EC open her big gift. She didn't care that it was
just a box of diapers. She just liked digging in!

Its a snowman too!

Abby all excited about her body pillow!

Just what she's always wanted!
A HUGE sock monkey!

Being her first Christmas, we had to take some shots of Miss EC by the tree.

Just look at all that cuteness!

This girl is gnawing away at those fingers, but we still don't have any teeth.

Such a happy, smiley baby!

Okay Mom, that's enough. I'm making my escape to Pop.

Last, but not least, Emily supplied the musical entertainment for the evening
by playing Jolly Ole St Nick and a couple of other tunes she's learned this year.

And of course EC had to join in as well!

Our annual Christmas sing along with the wonderful Bobby Horton at Local Color was the next evening. It really feels like Christmas after we've sat through his Christmas in the 1880s show. I'm really going to miss this tradition one day. We love Bobby Horton!

Our next party was our annual trip to Mimi's on Christmas Eve.
Mimi and EC

Mimi had a blast watching two little ones this year!
Mimi and Ashton

This little one loved the pretty shiny balls on Mimi's tree!

Look Mom, I caught it!

They were having a blast with these Christmas ornaments until one of
them shattered.

That's okay, I'll just play with the pretty bow!

On to the presents. EC had no problem sitting in the middle of the action.

She didn't care a thing about the presents. She found these
Alaskan dominos and entertained herself for quite a while!

Up next Emily again provided the musical portion of our evening!

Wow she looks so big here. Such a lovely young lady!

After an early evening at Mimi's, we headed over to D's to exchange more gifts!

She's probably going to shoot me for this one, but I couldn't resist.

EC watching everyone open their gifts. She had the perfect view.

Emily and Alexis playing in the playroom.

All 4 girls playing with the Barbie video camera and microphone.
This is Emily reporting live from the playroom.

Christmas morning:
I wish Santa had placed these a little neater so I could have taken a better picture.
Good Grief!

Since EC is now crawling and tends to get into E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, we decided to let her sleep in while the big girls enjoyed their time opening gifts. They look just a little excited!

Abby's stash included her first shotgun and shells, a new mattress topper, clothes and a case for that new body pillow (isn't cool how Santa always knows things to get that will go with gifts from others).

Emi's stash included this monster Barbie house/bookshelf, an owl camping chair, clothes,
a mattress topper and some furniture for the house.

The elves enjoying the new kitchen table. It's just their size!

The house even had a cute little arched door that opens!

EC's stash included diapers, clothes, books and toys.

I think they all racked up pretty nicely!

Emily checking out the door.

Abby seems pretty happy with the shotgun!

I'm not sure what she found, but apparently she was pretty excited about it!

Checking out what the shotgun shells look like.

Now that the big girls have had their fun, EC has been released!

Watch out, here I come!

Wow. Straight for the elves. I've been itching to get my hands on those things!

I don't know what to look at first.

I don't know what this is all about, but I like all this attention.

Abby stacks the blocks to get her to crawl over.

I love to knock the blocks over and put everything back in the container.

It won't be long before she's walking!

Emi loves her new Barbie house. She's already trying to move them all in!

I'm not sure who's having more fun with the blocks!?!

And our last stop for this year's Christmas season - Pop and Nonna's on Christmas night.
EC loves the rocking, singing moose.

She'll crawl over everything else to get to the musical animals.

Gotcha now!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the Way...She would dance and clap
and pretty much tell Pop to make it play again!

I love all these pretty shiny things on the tree!

I knew Pop would let me get to them!

Sisters! Emily can make EC laugh the loudest.
I just love their little bond.

A few Christmas snapshots from my phone: 

EC helping us decorate for Christmas. She liked all the pretty stuff for the tree!

All the Stockings were hung with care. I even managed to find a matching one for EC. That was one of my first thoughts/worries when I found out we were expecting..... how am I ever gonna find another discontinued stocking to match!?! Thanks E-bay!

It finally got cold enough to use my cool thrift store find. This little $0.99 elastic rimmed, zippered cover fit right over the car seat and kept Wee One warm all winter.

Matching PJs to start the holiday season.
It was really too warm to wear these but they all played nice for Mommy to get a picture.

Abby's Christmas band concert.
Caroline, Haley, Meredith, Abby and Lydia.

And our first trip to see Santa. She was fine until she turned around and saw that
creepy man. He wasn't my favorite Santa ever. I'd have to agree with EC here -
he was a creepy guy!

Merry Christmas 2015!!

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