Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Horse Pens Forty 2015

This year for Fall Break we decided to take a camping trip. The plan was to go the Turnipseed Camp Ground at Cheaha State Park, but when we got there, there was no campsite to be had! They are first come, first serve and they were all FULL. Soooo we turned around and headed back to a spot much closer to home - Horse Pens Forty. In fact, its only 15 miles away from the house! The girls loved all the rock climbing and it was a good trip overall.

I actually got him to take a selfie with me!

Abby, Mary Kate and Emily

The kids monkeying around the rocks.
Abby, Drew, Emily and Mary Kate

EC even stopped by with Pop for a little while. She's not
quite ready for a full camping trip yet. Thanks to Pop for
letting us get away with the big girls for the weekend, but still
getting to hang out with this little nugget for a couple of hours.

Tree hugger EC.

Our little family over looking the valley.

Abby, Mary Kate, Emily and Drew

The whole crew.
D, Papaw, Perry Meg, Abby, Laura, Eric
Mary Kate, Emily, EC and Drew

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