Sunday, August 21, 2016

christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 started with our annual party at Granny T's house. This is always a great party and everyone seems to enjoy the atmosphere. Robert and his crew always come up. This year we missed the newly engaged Tyler and Victoria though.

Taylor, Robert and Turner

Pop and Nonna

Good heavens Miss Priss is getting tall....we need to rearrange!

Ah, that's better.

Last family Christmas before the new member arrives.

Okay so none of us were crazy about this pose, but Pop insisted.

Papa Jim and Granny T.


Granny T with grands and great grands. Three different generations.

We all had to strike a pose.

Don't we all look so nice!

Okay, maybe not!

A mother and two of her sons. One of these years
we'll make Doug come out and join us!

Why there are no pictures of the fantastic event I'm not sure, but I must include that I (even being 6 and 1/2 months pregnant) won the game of spoons this year! The trophy says home!

Shortly after these pictures were taken, Granny T got a phone call. They had had their house on the market for months with no real prospects. On the night of our Christmas party she got a call from a Mrs. Rudolph (seriously) that was interested in the house. Within two months they had sold the house and were packing up. We knew it was possibly the last Christmas party in that house, but who knew how it would have all played out! Crazy!

The night after Granny T's party we all headed to Local Color for our annual Bobby Horton 1880's Christmas sing along. It's just not Christmas until you've heard Bobby sing the carols. The girls love getting to see and hear Bobby and I do believe he is quite fond of them as well!

Christmas Morning

Shelby knew exactly what was under that wrapper and she was ready for her ride!

Miss Priss and her Hunger Games series.

Checking out all that Santa brought.

Little Bit finally got her tablet!

Ready to ride! Shelby said see I told you, now let's get going!

After opening all the gifts from Santa, Papaw and D showed up with even more stuff! And best of bikes!

And off she goes.

Little Bit was a little disappointed hers was a little bigger than she had
hoped. It wouldn't take long to get over that though. She rides like a pro now!

Daddy showing her how its done.

Let me see if I can do it myself.

What about me?

Thankful for a warmish day to enjoy the new rides.

Even D got in on the action.

Wait for me!

She's probably gonna get me for this one!

Who can get a kayak for Christmas and not go test it out....that day!?!

Daddy made her carry it herself.

That is one happy Shelby!

Paddle harder...

Pop brought his kayak for a trip up the creek too! No one can resist
the call of the water.

Awe so sweet. Love those father / daughter moments.

After paddling around, the Woodsman took some time to show Nonna how to use her new Christmas present as well. This was a show for everyone!

Now you said what?

Okay I think I've got this.



And that's it. Way to go Nonna.

Christmas 2014 flew by as usual. It always seems to take so long to get here and then once its here, its over with way too fast. Next year we will have another little running around to add to the fun!

And one last fun Christmas memory. Little Bit's school party. This year she had not one, but two grandparents come hang out. Granny T and Pop were both able to make it. She had a blast as usual! Oh and we just love her little friend Sara Beth. They are two peas in a pod!

Miss Priss 6th grade band Christmas Concert.

It seems like only yesterday I was performing in the Christmas Band Concert. I can't have a child old enough to be performing! It was a great feeling to see Miss Priss enjoying her time on stage as much as I once did.

This year she is taking after her Aunt Judy and playing the flute. She will one day inherit Aunt Judy's flute. I'm sure Judy is beaming with great pride.

Playing a Christmas Medley.

Glad that's over! Job well done!