Monday, November 16, 2009

We're walking on sunshine.....whoa oh.....and don't it feel good!

This past weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope everyone was able to enjoy it as much as we did. All day Saturday the girls played outside in the creek next to the house. I don't have any pictures to share, but you can just imagine the fun they had. Of course they started off by asking me if they could go play BY the creek. What mom would have a problem with that?? Sure go play BY the creek! The next thing I know they are knee deep in muddy water and laughing hysterically. I couldn't help but to laugh too! They were soaked to the bone and just so darn cute. So to add to the adventure, we decided to let the dogs join in on the fun too. The four of them playing in the creek together was adorable.

That is what beautiful days are made for. I can't stand to be sitting inside on days as sunny and perfect as that. (Beware: she's getting on her soapbox!!) Just as much as I can't stand for others to be sitting inside on days like that. GET OUTSIDE PEOPLE!! Or at least make your kids go outside and play. All these new video games and computer games and cell phones and whatever else drive me crazy. Kids are so caught up in the technology world that they don't even know how to go outside and play!

It's just not right! Growing up I was outside playing every chance that I got. We didn't have all the new latest toys to play with either. We had to use our imaginations. Now there's an kids even know what an imagination is anymore?? We made up crazy games and ran until we thought we would just fall over, rode our bikes, played in the creek, studied bugs and new creatures we had "discovered". We were rarely ever bored. In fact the only time we were really bored is when we couldn't go outside to play.

Some days you can't help that there is too much to get done inside, but you have to make time to soak up the sunshine just a little on days like we had this weekend. Enough on my soap box!!

On another note....we did get our Christmas stuff out this weekend. Don't laugh....I know it's a bit early, but I just couldn't help it. We are just already in that Christmasy mode. I will try to get some pics up soon of all the decorating the girls and I did. Until then....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

(This is my favorite one from this year! Aren't they so cute!!!)

Finally! Our Halloween pictures for 2009! This year we had a cowgirl and Minnie Mouse. These two cute little characters got a special treat - TWO nights of trick or treating!!! Our small little town does a "Walk Through the Town" for Halloween. The businesses stay open for an extra hour and give out candy to the kids. It's a great idea and it's a safe place for the kids to go. Well, for some reason they decided to hold it on Friday night, the night before Halloween. Go figure! So we couldn't miss out on it!! I mean, come on, it's free candy!! So we went to "walk around the town" and then to visit Pop and Nonna. They had a great time and got LOTS of candy!!

Now, just because we went out on Friday night doesn't mean that we can skip out on Saturday night!! So we headed to Papaw and D's for a second go round! The girls had fun and got to wear their costumes more than once. All in all, I am pretty sure they had a great time!!

A and E with their Pop.

These guys were really cool. They had authentic WWII uniforms. He had a jump-master suit and she was in a nurses uniform. They even brought out the old Jeep to go with it. We just had to snap a picture with them.

E and Shelby. E insisted on walking Shelby around too!

All three of my girls!

Princess Shelby tagged along for the ride, hoping for at least one piece of candy to fall to the ground!

Papaw and his Susie!

Mimi and the girls.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stone Mtn Scottish Festival

This year's festival was not all we thought it would be. Hearing the bagpipes and seeing all the cool scottish stuff is wonderful, but the weather was MISERABLE!! It was cold (about 55*) and wet all day. It wasn't pouring, but it was drizzling enough to just make you want to scream. So I wasn't able to use the camera very much. Trying to use the umbrella, camera and change the lenses all at the same time was nearly impossible. Oh well.....better luck next time. I'm sure there will be many more scottish festivals in our future! Here are a few pics from the day.

A did not want to stand next to Robert de Bruce, so this was the best that we could do!!

The Clan Hay booth.

The entrance to the park. All of the bagpipe bands were lined up here practicing before they went in to perform.

One of the many bagpipe bands performing.

A bagpiper.

Byron with P's new deer antler knife.

Papaw and A. Check out Papaw's new hat!! It looks great on him!!

The falconry exhibit. These birds were really cool to see. They were absolutely beautiful. P would like to get into this one day!

                The coos (cows for us Americans). The scottish pronouce it coos. These were highland cattle that are orginally from Scotland. The calf was only 2 weeks old.