Monday, September 19, 2016

EC random pics

These are not really in any kind of order. Just a few random pictures of EC and the girls from the first few days, weeks and months of having her around!

Trout lily baby.
 She was all of 4 days old here and riding around through the woods on her first golf cart ride.
She was a little jaundice and needed the extra sunlight. What better way to get it than being outside in the woods!?! Daddy picked her first flower for her - the trout lily. They bloom like crazy every year around her birthday. I see the tradition of an annual picture being taken! ;)

Sweet baby a week old loving her bouncy chair.

Shelby keeping us safe as we gathered more sunlight sitting on the porch of the treehouse.

Guard dog Shelby

We didn't use this carrier much, but for the short amount of time we
did, she seemed to like it.

Napping on Daddy after bath time.

Poor thing doesn't even fit in the 0-3 month clothes yet.

Hanging out on the porch swing with Mommy while everyone
else is at work and school. We could get used to this.

I love my swing we borrowed from Katie-did!

The wonderful meal and goodies my co-workers brought over for us!
I work with some awesome folks!

Finally starting to stretch out a little.

Three weeks old - just precious!

That paci looks soooo big.

I'm beginning to not mind this whole bath thing, but the lotion,
diaper change and getting dressed thing is for the birds!

Emi helping me get settled in my wagon.

I love being outside!

I travel in style.

I love to watch everyone and just soak it all in.

And I think this Emi person is really funny.

My first doctor's visit. I'm perfect of course!

Hanging out with Abby, watching TV in her room. I love my big sisters!

Catching a nap with my sisters at Mimi's house.

The funny faces of EC. She always seems to be making a new one.

Hanging out with the big girls watching movies in the living room at night.

My first trip to the creek.

Thanks Aunt Carolyn for the bug net. It was a real life saver.

Oh those sweet cheeks!

I think she enjoyed the sounds of the water!

Mommy trying to catch me smiling.

I may be getting a little big for this tub!
Chunky Monkey!

EC and Emily enjoying the nice weather.

Sitting up in this bumbo thing is pretty cool.

Hanging out with Mommy and the big girls on the last day of school.

My first try at cereal. I think I like it, maybe....

Okay Mom, that's enough!

I'm getting pretty good at this sitting up and holding my head up thing!

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