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Around the house in March

March was a very busy month around the Hays house. I had to go back to school....booo! We got our first goats, started getting everything ready for the annual tomato plant sale, continued on our homeschool adventure, built new picnic tables for and had a 2nd birthday party.

She loved the baby goats and wanted to kiss them all the time.

The many faces of Ben Ben!!

Wearing an army hat like Dada!

New picnic tables and serving table in the Natural area. 

More stroller rides in the woods.

That smile owns me.


Probably one of my favorite pictures ever. They have their morning chats almost every morning and I swear they totally understand each other.

Hanging out with Mama as she edits pictures.

Sitting up in the bumbo seat for the first time.

I think he has tripled in size since his first bath!!

Sweet baby finally asleep.

Trying on Abby's Viking helmet. She was so serious about it.

"How you doin'?"

Our new gate and Clan Hay sign!!! Welcome!