Friday, December 30, 2016

Benjamin Perry Hays I, II, III, IV

Benjamin's first trip out at 4 days old was to go see his namesake Papa Perry and Mimi. You know me and pictures....I have been waiting on this one for a while. Four generations and all with the same name. It is just such a cool concept and I had to have a picture of them all ASAP.

Benjamin I and Benjamin IV.


Monday, December 26, 2016

Benjamin Perry Hays IV - 12-26-16

The big day has finally arrived! Welcome to the world
Benjamin Perry Hays IV
Born at 9:50 am
Weighing 6 lbs 13 oz
Measuring 20 3/4 in.

Last belly pic and ready to get this show on the road.

First picture.

Christmas PJs a day late.

EC meeting Benjamin for the first time. She was beyond excited.
Dada said say hey Benjamin, EC crawled up and said hey Ben-Ben.
EC just came up with his nickname and what most people call him now.

So in love.

Such an excited and proud big sister.


Going home in Daddy's going home outfit from 37 1/2 years ago.

Going home with a perfect, healthy little boy,
and so the adventure begins....

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Well we made it to Christmas and Benjamin still hasn't made his arrival. Looks like he'll miss Christmas by a day! We started off the season with a party at Granny T and Papa Jim's new house in Springville. Now that they are finally settled, we can have our traditional gathering.

This years crew:
Turner, Robert, EC, Pop, Nonna, Perry, Abby, Me,
Taylor, GT, Papa Jim and Emily

Just look at that fat belly! Come on Benjamin!!

Christmas Eve at Mimi's was a blast as usual. We had a wonderful meal, exchanged gifts and enjoyed everyone's company. EC and Ashton loved all their new goodies to play with.

This was Abby's dress. All three girls have worn it!

Our crew:
D, Abby, Papaw, Dez, Brian, Perry, Me,
Emily, Ashton, Papa Perry, Mamaleta and Alexis

Christmas Morning!
Even Benjamin has a stocking, maybe he'll decide to come today!

A couple of surprise gifts hidden in the tree.

Santa went all out!

After all the gifts were open, I pointed to the surprise gifts hidden in the tree. Emily's little bag contained a new tablet and Abby's a PHONE! She was truly surprised and genuinely shocked that she actually got a phone. The excitement on their faces was priceless.

After the big girls finished opening their gifts, EC decided to wake up and join us.
She had no idea what was going on, but quickly jumped right in and enjoyed
every minute of the hectic day.

To wrap up the Christmas festivities, we headed to Pop and Nonna's for Christmas dinner and more presents. The girls then spent the night so we could get up at the crack of dawn the next morning, head to the hospital and have a baby!

I think she's got this present opening thing down!

The best part of the presents....the boxes they come in!