Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Halloween 2015

Every year to kick off the Fall/Halloween season the girls like to carve pumpkins. They are getting to an age now where they like to be more hands-on with the carving themselves. They choose the pattern and Daddy helps them make it a reality. This year Emily chose an owl and Abby chose a baby girl ghost with a bow that she said looked like EC. They turned out cute as usual!

Abby, Daddy, EC, Emily and Shelby
Everyone has to get in on the action!

Too cute.

Our traditional Halloween evening begins with our walk through Springville for the Treats on Main. I love our little town and how they come together for activities like this one every year. All of the businesses participate and stay open for an extra hour. The only problem now is that everyone knows about our little secret and the even has become extremely crowded. I hope we are able to continue this tradition in the future. Maybe they'll take my idea of closing down the street itself so there's more room to walk.

This year was probably one of my favorites for costumes. Everyone decided to match! Even EC and Shelby joined in. We had a whole little squadron of Vikings.

This was the best picture I could get with all 5 of these little turkeys.
I just loved that EC and Shelby played along and kept their helmets on.
Side note - EC and Shelby are both wearing doggie costume helmets. LOL

All smiles

Then of course we had to have our serious look too.

Vikings don't smile! Even EC knew better.

All smiles.

Serious Viking style.

Viking Drew

Seriously Mom!?!
She played along so well.

Cutest little Viking around!

Maybe if we look opposite ways she'll leave us alone.

Poor Shelby. She's such a good sport.

And now you're going to give her a weapon.
What did I ever do to you?

Nonna, Laura, Abby, Emily, D, Me, Shelby and EC

The behind the scenes. I guess this is what I look like for all the pictures I take.
I love being behind the camera and capturing the memories.
They'll thank me for it one of these days.

Me, EC, Shelby, Abby, Emily and Laura

Me, EC, Shelby, Abby, Emily, Laura, D, Drew, Perry and Papaw
And we're off.

Poor baby was worn out.
She had a blast and got all kinds of compliments.

We tried to go to another neighborhood to do a little more trick-or-treating, but the rain just got to bad. EC loved watching her sisters go door to door from the comfort of the truck!

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