Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hiking and waterfalls - Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

On our way home from GMHG we stopped back through Andrews to pick up the girls. Instead of rushing back home we decided to meet up, have a picnic and do a little hiking.
Just right up the road from the cabin is an awesome place to see an untouched forest. Some of its towering trees are as old as 400 years. It is really an amazing sight to see and to think the whole Appalachian area looked this way before logging companies came through.
The beautiful creek that runs through the forest.

Everyone stopping to enjoy the creek.
(Papa Jim)

Little Bit blazed the way.

Standing inside a tree trunk.

My three fast hikers in front of me.

And the three slower hikers behind me!
Granny T enjoying the stroll.

Taking a break and checking out the first large Poplar tree we came to.

My favorite tree in our yard that I use for photography is a poplar like this one. I wonder if mine will ever get this big?

They call these two trees here "sisters".

So you know I had a get a picture with these sisters!

Now that's a big tree!
Granny T, Little Bit, Miss Priss and Papa Jim

This was not my favorite tree. All the roots liked like a pit of snakes to me.

Then speak of the devil we found a snake......EEK!
And not just any ole snake. It was a dang diamondback rattlesnake..
He was just all curled up on the side of the trial.
Pop, who was trailing behind, was the only one who spotted him. Every one of the rest of us walked right on by him.
EEK! - Scary - I hate snakes!

Checking out the cool bridge (hoping he will build one for me soon) while they waited on the slower folks!
After wrapping it up at the forest we decided to return to the cabin on what we call "The Waterfall Road". Naturally we couldn't just drive by all the waterfalls, we had to get out and play!

I could sit here and listen to this all day!

Helping her across so she doesn't get her feet wet!
My daredevil!

Awwww... Gotta get pictures of the lovebirds by the waterfall for the cabin wall.

Aren't they just too cute.

Little Bit trying to decide if she wants to take a chance and join her sister.

Everyone hanging out and enjoying the scenery.

My bearded man and his pipe.

Pop and his girls. I think this one needs to go on the wall at the cabin too! ;)

Mommy and her girls.

I love that my girls love to be outside with me!

Headed back to the cabin. Papa Jim stops to refill our water bottles with yummy "mountain spring water".

Happy 11th anniversary to us!

As most of you that follow my blog know, The Woodsman and I always celebrate our anniversary while we are in NC for the highland games. This year we celebrated 11 years of wedding bliss.

Standing on the deck of the chalet on our anniversary in our matching shirts. Can't even believe he allowed this to happen! ;) We're a couple of Twinkies!

Trying again to get him to smile...

Ah there it is! (And I blink of course!)
The view we enjoyed from the deck of the chalet.
Wish I could see it everyday.

I made these two get in on all the picture fun too!

The view was just too pretty not to snap a couple of shots!

And last but not least BFFs. We've been friends since we were 8 years old!
I love my Katie-did!
Here's to another 20 something years of friendship!

Monday, November 18, 2013

GMHG 2013

This year's GMHG was an interesting one for sure! We took a few newbies with us, stayed in a new place, drove around a good bit and got caught in the massive down pour. Overall it was a good trip.
We arrived Thursday, got dressed and headed straight for the mountain.
We watched the mass pipe band march around the track before the calling of the clans ceremony started.

Kevin Hay was our Clan Hay representative this year. Here he stands gathering his thoughts before letting everyone know that our mighty clan had arrived!

Lighting of the torches.

Kevin leads the line.

Clan Hay Battlefield Tour

A Hay, A Hay, A Hay!
LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE the next set of pictures!
All of the clans have been announced and all representatives are standing around the cross of flames.

The next day was a beautiful one! The weather was wonderful so we took advantage for pictures!

Ben and Donna

Me and the Woodsman

There's a small glimmer of a smile....

Somebody make him laugh!

There it is!!!

Beards rule!
This one's only a little over 4 months old!
Some of our newbies! Jeremy and Katie. Clan Davidson. So glad we were able to get these two to join us! I think they had a pretty good time too. Jeremy even bought a utilikilt!

Look Katie he smiles great for pictures!

And our other newbie for the year.... my Dad! Welsh Thomas Clan. After years of trying to get him to tag along he finally made the trip!

Showing off his awesome t-shirt his wonderful daughter got him for father's day!

Ben and Donna
Looking good all dressed up in front of Grandfather Mountain.