Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recitals and the flu!

A couple of weeks ago I started feeling pretty crappy. I knew it was worse than just a cold, so I went to see Dr. Harris. Sure enough it was the flu! I couldn't believe it, 3 and 1/2 days off from work, separated from the girls for a week and the worst sickness I think I have ever experienced! It was miserable. Thankfully the girls where shuffled around from one family member to the next in hopes that they would not get sick too. It worked for a while, but poor Miss Priss ended up with a lesser case of the flu. Little Bit NEVER came down with it though. I couldn't be more blessed with all the family around. I was able to get over my sickness and keep the girls from getting really sick! Thanks to all the grandparents out there for all their help!

So because of all this flu mess, Miss Priss had to miss her very first ballet recital. I really hated it for her! She was soooooo looking forward to it and she had been practicing so very hard. With a fever of 100.5, we decided to let her stay with Papa Jim while Granny T brought Little Bit to the recital.

We were all delightfully surprised with Little Bit's performance! She was a doll! She has also been practicing really hard and she had her five minutes in the spotlight. I was able to make it to the recital, but I had to sit in the back away from everyone else. Here are a couple of shots I was able to capture though!

Stretching before the big performance.

All the girls listening so intently. Too cute.

Waiting for the music to begin.

The Dance: 
My favorite picture!

Done! Walking off stage.

We were all so proud of Little Bit. She did such a great job and didn't go shy on us! Hopefully Miss Priss will not be sick for the next recital and everyone can see how well she dances too!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Girls afternoon out 2010...... The Birmingham Ballet's "The Nutcracker"

Sugar Plum fairies are still dancing in their heads as the girls go back to school this morning. All thanks to the awesome Birmingham Ballet ballerinas! This past Saturday we started what will hopefully become a yearly tradition of a girls afternoon out. My girls and I invited the grandmothers and great-grandmothers to join us in getting in the Christmas spirit. I think everyone enjoyed going out for a while and spending some time together. This year we all got dressed up to see "The Nutcracker". It was a great experience and the girls, young and old, had a blast!

My girls knew they had a surprise this weekend, but they didn't know what. I wanted to find a fun way to tell them where we were going, so when I ran across these precious ballerina necklaces I knew it would be perfect. The morning of the performance I gave them their necklaces and told them where we were going. It was priceless and completely worth every penny! The screams and smiles are still in my head...."You are the best mommy ever, this is so cool, I love you, I love you, I love you!!!"

Unfortunately, one member of our girly crew was unable to join us. My mom. She came down with a severe migraine the morning of the ballet and just could not go with us. So the girls and I went by to see her on our way and tell her we hoped she felt better soon.

Here they are at Pop and Nonna's before the show:

Mommy and her girls.

Ballerina Miss Priss (even turned her head so it would look real!) Love it! ;)

Ballerina Little Bit (wasn't so sure about this!)

In front of the pink ballerina tree. (Notice Little Bit thought she needed to stand in 1st position!)

Our crew - D, Little Bit, Mimi, Granny T, Miss Priss and Mommy (minus my mom who will hopefully be able to join us next year!) Ms. Rose was able to take the last ticket and go with us at the last minute. Thanks to Ms. Rose for taking our picture for us.

This was the best part for the girls I do believe. The professional ballerinas came out after the show for a photo-op with all the little girls. Again Little Bit was unsure of this, but check out the look on Miss Priss's face! She kept saying "this is the best day of my life!" Priceless!

Now hopefully this will be an inspiration to the girls as they continue their ballet classes! I'm just glad they enjoyed it so!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Daddy's new toy!

Daddy's new toy.....mommy's new payment plan! Yippie!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Turnip greens

 This weekend we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and get busy putting up some turnip greens for the winter. The girls are getting to the age where they are very helpful! Both girls helped us pick the turnip greens:

Miss Priss is really getting to a helpful age! She fortunately wants to help (for a while anyway!) at this age. She is eager to learn and get her hands busy. I want to take advantage of this time to hopefully teach her a few things that she will remember when she has her own household. She is very helpful and proud of herself and I love getting to spend the time with her!

Miss Priss and our finished product. From the garden to the jar! Yummy! They will be really good this winter! Thanks to Miss Priss and Little Bit for all their help! There will be more to can next weekend!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween we had the beautiful Mary Queen of Scots (Miss Priss) and the adorable Queen Elizabeth (Little Bit). The costumes were just that of renaissance princesses, but they insisted on being princesses from real life. Miss Priss has been all about history and all things scottish (don't know where she would have picked up on that!;)

Here they are in Springville on Friday night for the downtown businesses trick or treat. The businesses stay open an extra hour to hand out candy to the kids. Its been a big success for the past couple of years and a great way to rack up on the candy!

Of course we had to trick or treat at Pop and Nonna's while we were there!

Saturday we headed to Moody to visit with Papaw, D, Mimi, Papa Perry, Laura and Drew. Here we have our two princesses and the Knight in shining armor. Plus if you'll notice the lovely Princess Shelby joined us for the evening.

Oh my goodness, how grown she looks!!!

Now that's the little bit with attitude that I know!

Poor dogs!

Her highness.

This is one of the only pictures I have with Miss Priss showing her teeth (or lack there of!). She was embarrassed and only wanted to show a toothless smile. I personly love the toothless look! Priceless!

Some sassy princesses!

Here they are in the midst of their trick or treating. They all racked up and had a blast. I think we have enough candy to last us til next Halloween!!!