Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Day after Christmas flood

It started raining Christmas night and apparently it rained really hard ALL.NIGHT.LONG! Not only did it rain a lot, but no one knew it was going to rain this much, so no one opened the Neely Henry Dam to release some water from Big Canoe Creek. So what happened....A massive FLOOD! We've seen the water levels get pretty high from a lot of rain, but we've never seen anything like this. The water had to of reached a new record high. The chicken pen was flooded, the garden was flooded, all of the woods were flooded, some parts of the fence were completely under water. The whole thing was crazy. We woke up, looked out the window and were floored at what we saw. The chickens were okay for the most part, but they were a little freaked out, so Perry got his kayak out to go rescue a couple of them. Once the girls saw the kayaks, they wanted to play too. It turned into a kayak play date with cousins and grandparents all over the place! Everything was okay with the exception of our bees and two chickens. The flood claimed those poor things, but thankfully everything else was okay. The day ended up being fun because everyone got to kayak the yard, but I sure do hope they open the gates to the dam next time!

Emily and Abby kayaking across the yard.

Poor chicken. Perry managed to get her to safety though!

Kayaking to save the chicken started a chain reaction!

Looking from the chicken pen to towards the treehouse.
The water was probably about 2 to 2 1/2 feet here.

Trying to tie down the bee hive so it wouldn't float away.

So then of course he had to go check out the woods when he was finished with the bee hive.

The far fence. If you look closely the middle of the fence disappears under the water!

That puts the water at about 5-6 feet high here.

Emily wading around in the garden.

Right behind the shop.

Getting some good use out of that new kayak.

EC's first kayaking ride. She loved it!

Drew and Gracie came over to test out the water too.
Gracie got a kayak for Christmas so this was a perfect opportunity!

Behind the shop and chicken pen.

Of course Shelby had to get out on the open water too!
She loves to be on the go, especially with her Abby!

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