Monday, February 22, 2010

Where I would rather be!

I don't know about you, but I am ready for this cold weather to hurry up and get out of here!!
My mind and body are ready for a more sunny, sandy atmosphere!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How's that global warming workin' out for ya???

Wow! I haven't seen this much snow in our parts in years. It was great!

The day started with a phone call at 5:30 am from The Prissy Princess's school saying school would be closed on Friday due to the inclement weather. I kept waiting for a call from my school, but it never came! So the girls stayed home with Daddy while I headed into school, hoping to be home by lunch. When I left that morning there was no snow. About 10:00 the blizzard began. We still didn't know if we would be getting out of school early! By 10:30 the Board of Education FINALLY made the call to let school out at 11:30. By the time I got home (at 12:30) the house looked like this!!! The snow didn't let up until around 5:00 or so that afternoon. In all I think we got about 3 inches! Man that global warming is just making me sweat! Ha!

P drove us around a little just to soak it all in and to get my picture fix. I saw some fences and barns that I HAD to have pictures of and he was sweet enough to drive me around to get the pics.

After the drive we came back for a quick snowball fight!

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Little Bit trying so hard to make the perfect snowball.

We had to go see what the creek looked like in the snow and what better way to get there than to ride the motorcycle.

It was definately worth the drive (walk for Mommy) down to the creek! It was so pretty and peaceful down there.

Of course we had to stop and eat a little snow on the way.

Shelby felt bad that I was the only one walking so she hiked through the knee high (her knees anyway!) snow with me to the creek. She's all up for a new adventure.

What is the one "must" on a snowy day like this??
(Besides throwing snowballs at Daddy?)

Build a snowman of course!!!

The girls with their snowman.

The rest are just some random pictures I took along the way. Hope you enjoyed the snow as much as we did!!

The fence along the left side of our property looking from the creek towards the road.

The view from the shop looking towards the road.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Horse Pens 40

Last Friday and Saturday the rain was really coming down (a lot like this Friday and Saturday!) So when we saw the sunshine through our windows Sunday morning, we knew we just had to get out in it. Daddy suggested we take the girls "hiking" somewhere. We knew they would love it. Horse Pens 40 is less than 20 minutes from the house and 3 out of 4 of us had never been there, so that's where we headed. The landscape is covered with HUGE boulders, with neat little places to crawl through, over and around. It has to be God's idea of a playground created for us to enjoy. The girls had a blast and we all decided (even though it was slightly on the cold side, check out the picture of the icicles) it was wonderful  just to be outside! We all have Spring Fever over here if you can't tell.

Daddy helping Little Bit climb down.

The Prissy Princess did a great job climbing.
Daddy taught her a few techniques and she was on her way!

Daddy explaining "if you step here on this slick pile of leaves,
you will fall down the front of the rock."

Here's the rock he was talking about falling down!!
It would be a long way down!

A little closer view.

The Prissy Princess doing her best Bear Grylls impression.

Little Bit was doing great, but Daddy decided it would be easier
just to carry her up this big hill. (I think she enjoyed not having to walk for a minute.)

They loved trying to "squeeze" through the rocks.

Little Bit loved this one, it was just her size.

Okay, I know this shot is a cheesy, but I couldn't resist.
They are holding up the rock so it doesn't roll away!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Teacher's Night Out

Last Friday night the faculty at WIS decided to have a teacher/spouse night out. We went out to eat at Jim and Nick's and then down the road for some bowling. The evening went great and everyone had a good time. Here are a few pics from the night (sorry they are so dark, I didn't take my good camera and the lighting was really bad! Oh well, enjoy anyway!)

Megan, Dee, John, Holly, Mike, Sharon and Haley.

John trying to sneak a kiss from Holly! No PDA!!!

Dwight and Paulette.

John, Holly, Beth and Bill.

Paulette, Robyn, Melissa (well you can see the top of her head
and her shirt!) and Brandan.

Sharon, Haley and Dee.

Everyone hanging out at the bowling alley.

John bowling and P is waiting for his turn.

Robyn (she did quite well!! A couple of strikes I do believe.)

Bill hoping for a strike!!

Me - not exactly the best bowler.
I think between the 2 games my total score may have broken the 100 mark!

Beth - look at those pro moves!!

Way to go Sharon!

Dee - another one of our pros!

Allen did pretty well too.

I know it's really dark, but that is P bowling.

Brandan showing us how it's done.

Last but not least, our principal Holly.
This was only like the 2nd time she had ever been bowling!