Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ben's b'day bash 2015

Our second annual fall bonfire / Ben's birthday bash was a hit. The weather was awesome, the food was great and the company was even better. I can't believe I didn't get a group picture though. We had a group picture last year and I hate that I fell down on the job this year. At least I do have some proof of the occasion and I'll do better next year I promise!

Hey, I know I have my paci, but I want yours too!
EC wouldn't leave Ashton's paci alone while they were riding around.
Thankfully he didn't seem to be too bothered about it.

We had a time trying to keep her on the blanket, but she finally settled in!

My sweet little Scottish pumpkin.

Yep, I've got Pop wrapped around all these little fingers right here!

My fall chicks. It's everyone's favorite time of year!

Our entertainment for the evening provided by Pop and his pipes.
Daddy and EC were dancing and enjoying Dixie!

Finally, I think this was the best shot. Pop on the pipes, the confederate flag hanging while Dixie is being played, Mimi talking to Daddy while he dances with EC. You would think EC wouldn't care for the loud sound of the pipes, but she loves it. We've had her around them from the get go and now it's just a part of life! I love to see her get excited about the music.

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