Monday, April 29, 2013

SMHG 2012

This year the weather was PERFECT for our annual trip to Stone Mountain for the Highland Games!
I LOVE this picture!

Papaw and D

Ah we match!

Our whole crew for the day.
Laura, Drew, the Woodsman, Miss Priss, Me, Little Bit, D and Papaw

Papaw and D with the grandchildren
SMHG is a super trip for the children because of their unique Children's Corner. They have all the highland games set up for each child to come by, learn about and try for themselves. These munchkins had a blast!
The Shot Put (rock throw):

The Caber Toss:

So proud of their awards!!!

Tooth Fairy visits Little Bit

Excited filled the house when Little Bit FINALLY lost her first tooth. She was convinced everyone in first grade had lost a tooth before her. Poor thing, I tried to explain its better to hang on to these baby teeth as long as possible! Of course that doesn't matter to a 6 year old with a bunch of toothless friends!

P.S. The tooth fairy left $5. Can you believe that! Maybe I need to start collecting teeth for a living!

Last minute Fall photo shoot with our new puppies

Sweet sisters
 Beautiful young lady. Can't believe she's so big!
Love this laughing smile. They are almost the most genuine!

 Miss Priss wading in the water with the pups showing them its not so bad!

Little Bit trying to get Maggie to pose too.

Drying out our socks after playing in the creek.

Maggie Mae Hays
Annie Bell Hays

The girls love their new buddies.

Miss Priss and Maggie. 

Getting puppy dog kisses!

Good grief, where has the baby gone?

My word, she already looks like a tween.....ugh!

Such sweet girls!

Finally Mama is finished taking pictures!!! It just zaps all our energy!
Crazy girls!

Uncle Jay's senior year on the field

I can't believe this is our last year to see Uncle Jay (my 'little' brother) march as a Springville Tiger. He has been a fabulous trumpet soloist and we've enjoyed watching him grow as a musician. He will be graduating in May and leaving to attend JSU in the fall to march with the Gamecocks.

Getting down with one of his 3 solos from this season!

Photo shoot

Inbetween mini sessions this fall, I talked the Woodsman into posing for a couple of pics with me. We had our own little mini photo session! So glad he and a buddy were hanging out that day! I LOVE these fall colors and my pics of us!


Since the Woodsman was "out-of-town" (deployed) last year during the fall, halloween season, it was on the top of our list to carve some pumpkins this year!
The girls getting ready to get their hands dirty.
Daddy doing the heavy cutting.
Little Bit digging in and getting her hands dirty.
Miss Priss pretending to get her hands dirty..... ewwww!
Mommy carving.
Thanks Daddy for capturing Mommy being part of the fun!

Next year we know to coat these guys in vaseline to make them last longer......we learned our lesson this year. They didn't last as long as we would have liked!

Halloween 2012..... The 3 Little Witches

Once upon a time there lived 3 little witches......
This year we found Shelby's costume first and the girls were determined to match her. It was quite an easy task surprisingly. We found purple, black and green tulle, some elastic and voila'..... a witch skirt.
 We actually found these brooms last year! Can you believe they made it around here for a whole year!?!

 Sassy witch
 Irritated witch
 Happy witches
 Scary witches
 Fierce witches

 Doggie witch