Monday, May 7, 2012

Hays Cemetery Decoration 2012

 I can't believe it's been a whole year since the last time we made the trip to the Hays Cemetery. We thought we were going to walk around the cemetery and get soaked, but thankfully by the time we arrived the rain had stopped. In fact (besides being WAY to hot for May) it turned out to be a nice day. 

 Papa Perry telling The Woodsman about the good ole days when he grew up in this area.

 Stanwick Hays - the oldest grave and the man responsible for all the Hay Clan buried here.

 Little Bit was a little bored!

 All the guys.

 The whole crew. 
Me, The Woodsman, Papa Perry, Mimi, D, Papaw, Laura, Brian, Courtney, Little Bit, Miss Priss, Drew and Gracie

 Miss Priss and Little Bit.

 Drew and Gracie.

 All 4 little munchkins.

After walking around and eating a fabulous lunch at Top Hat BBQ, we ventured over to Sulphur Springs for a little hiking. A very long time ago, there was a resort here for people to visit the springs and use their healing powers. The resort is gone, but the sulphur and rotten egg smell sure aren't.

 Papa telling the kids to jump across.

 Adventure bound!

 Here is one of the holes the resort put in one of the springs.

 They all had a blast venturing around the springs and the woods.

 Daddy and his girls. The tree they were standing in front of was HUGE!!

Playing in the mud

 Last weekend after helping me with a photo shoot, the girls asked if they could go play in the sprinkler. Not thinking about the sprinkler being in the garden I said SURE! Here is what I found about 10 minutes later:


Those crazy nuts made a mud hole and decided to take a mud bath! Of course they loved every minute of it. And who can get mad at those sweet little dirty faces?