Tuesday, September 20, 2016

1st day of 4th and 7th - August 2015

Here we go again. It's time for yet another school year. Is it just me or are they starting to go by faster and faster? These two are in two different schools again this year, but at least it's still all one campus. Emily is starting 4th grade at SES and Abby is a 7th grader at SMS. They will meet up in the afternoons most days and simply walk on over to Pop and Nonna's until someone comes to pick them up. They love the freedom of being walkers!

This year we got the silly picture out of the way first!

Shelby's not ready for summer to be over and her girls to be gone all day. :(

Miss Abigail Brooke Hays

I want to go with you!

Forget the big backpack this year. She needed a zippered
binder - and a double sided one at that. Whatever, at least she
keeps herself nice and organized!


Wearing Mama's necklace. It was a great fit!

I promise I won't bark if you'll just take me with you!

Miss Emily Elizabeth Hays

Lunchbox, backpack and water bottle...she's ready to go!

Styling with those new tennis shoes.

Also wearing one of Mama's necklaces. Glad my 
jewelry isn't too old lady!

Please oh please take me with you!


Sisterly Love

Okay, one more silly picture! They just can't help themselves!

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