Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Abby turns 13

I officially have a teenager!
Eek, how can I be that old?
We knew it was coming, or so we were told.
Everyone warns about those crazy teenage years.
But they must not have had an Abby to calm their fears.

Officially a teenager!
Happy Birthday to this sweet baby that made me a mama. I just can't believe it was 13 years ago.
To help celebrate officially having a teenager in the house here's a bunch of (she calls them embarrassing) photos from the past.
Happy Birthday Miss Abigail Brooke....we love you to the moon and back again!

A walk down memory lane:

What have we gotten ourselves into!?!

Her first professional picture.

Arriving home from the hospital and meeting Shelby of course.

9 months old sleeping on Nonna at the beach.

1st birthday!

Visiting Daddy at Fort Campbell in Kentucky before he leaves for Iraq.
13 months old

18 months
Waiting for Daddy to arrive for his 2 weeks of R and R.

Almost 2 years old
Christmas hanging out with Pop

2 and 1/2 with her favorite things - Elmo and babies.

Almost 3 hanging out with Shelby - best buds.

3 year old Abby with Shelby's puppies

4 year old pretty princess.

5 years old - starting Kindergarten

6 years old - too cool coming home from the cabin.

7 year old Annie Oakley

8 year old Easter model

9 year old snaggle-tooth

10 year old ballerina

11 year old kayaker

12 year old flute player

13 year old artist

13th birthday party:

This year we wanted to do something special and different for Abby's 13th birthday. Since she and several of her friends had never been to Sips n Strokes, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity. The girls had a blast and the paintings turned out beautiful. It was so much fun to watch them giggle and cut up before getting serious about their pieces. Definitely want to go back and do it again in the near future. I think she enjoyed her 13th birthday celebration. She even got to invite a friend (Abby Hill) home with her for small sleepover.

The finished product.
Haley, Abby, the weird instructor that wouldn't stop photo bombing, Abby Hill
Lydia and Meredith
We're still not sure what happened to Lydia's painting.

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