Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Christmas 2013

Our Christmas traveling began with going to Granny T.'s the weekend before Christmas.

She served up an amazing Prime Rib Roast 
(and we all hope this will become a tradition)!

The Woodsman, Pop and Robert sitting around after dinner letting all the good food settle.

Everyone listening to the Christmas story.

Opening gifts.

Miss Priss opening her gifts ever so carefully.

Little Bit just tearing in.

The kid's game of spoons started with all 4.

Then there were 3.

And finally down to 2.

And the winner is..... Turner!

Little Bit had to hand the trophy over!
(But her Mommy did not have to! Of course I won the adult game - AGAIN!) :)

Nonna photo-bombing.

Nonna, Miss Priss, Me, Little Bit and Taylor

Of course we had to add Granny T to the mix.

Can you believe we got a silly one in too!?

The Hays Family

Mr. and Mrs. Hays

The Thomas Family

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

The Thomas Family

The whole crew.
Top row - Me, The Woodsman, Jay, Pop, Nonna, Turner and Robert
Sitting - Taylor, Papa Jim, Miss Priss, Granny T and Little Bit

Mr. and Mrs. Bryant

Next stop was to visit Big Granny

Little Bit, Big Granny and Miss Priss (who is almost as tall as Granny!)

Next we headed to Mamaleta's for Christmas Eve.

Mimi, Little Bit and Miss Priss playing the part of Santa.

Mimi with her youngins'

Miss Priss, Papa Perry and Little Bit

The Hays family one more time.

And finally we get to Christmas morning!

Little Bit's corner

Miss Priss's corner

For both girls to take to the treehouse.

Finding all the goodies from Santa. 
Shelby doesn't care about the goodies, she just wants to hog the fire!

All the Christmas stuff wears her out!

Finally getting her tablet!

The Woodsman gets his first troll doll - The fix it troll.

Miss Priss and Shelby

Aunt Carolyn, Shelby and Miss Priss checking it all out.

Little Bit and all her owls. Behind her is her first .22. Santa brings your first rifle on your 7th Christmas. It was Little Bit's year!

The Woodsman going over all the basics of how to hold and shoot the new .22.

Getting ready to shoot for the first time.

"Look through here to see this on your target." 
And fire!

So proud of herself! While Daddy reloads.

Of course Miss Priss had to bring hers out too!

Ready to shoot on her own.

Ready, Aim....

She wasn't so sure about it at first, 
but the more she shot, the more she found out that she LOVES it!

My little Annie Oakleys

Watch out world, they are well trained marksmen!

Merry Christmas!

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 started with some good ole pumpkin carving! Eric was staying with us that week, so we put him to work too!

Scrapping out all the guts.

Saving some seeds to roast!

Two Jack-o-lanterns in the making.

Careful carving


Pumpkin witch

Our fall decor.

Now those are so great fake smiles!


My little hoot owl.

My little fairy.

Hoo, hoo, hoo!

Trick or treating, downtown Springville here we come!