Monday, September 19, 2016

NC 2015

This year we decided not to attend the traditional GMHG due to having a new baby and try something different. Instead we packed everyone up and headed to the cabin for a whole week. We did still manage to fit in a couple of Scottish festivals and some kayaking along the way. Overall it was a great trip, a little hectic, but a great trip.

Daddy and Pop helping Papa Jim take down a dead tree. It was cut
all the way through, but it was just standing there. It was a really funny sight to
see all three of them standing around watching this tree. Guess ya had to be there.

My three girls.
EC's first trip to NC and the cabin.
Emily was dressed as a dog for this picture for some reason.

EC and Nonna enjoying some front porch time.

I'm pretty sure this is one of the favorite things enjoyed by all
at the cabin. Coffee on the front porch. Talking and getting those juices
flowing for the day.

Emily getting EC all cracked up.

She loves her big sisters....all three of them! ;)

EC loved looking at that pretty baby in the mirror.

Blairsville Highland Games:

Our first event was the Blairsville Highland Games. Great place for the games,
but I could stand to have it a little earlier in the summer. The afternoons were a little too warm.
Abby and Emily enjoying a little lunch along the way.
Pop hanging out at the tent by the creek.

The big girls at the Hay tent. Nicely decorated as usual.

Surnames that fall under Clan Hay.

Sunday's crowd.
Author, Perry, Abby, Me, Sandra, ?, ? and Terry

Here comes Clan Hay for the Parade of Tartans.

What a lovely little group.

This highland game has a great section for kids to learn about
the different events. This year Abby was determined to participate in
her age group. She did a great job and came in 1st and 2nd in the
different categories.

Caber toss.

Nantahala River from bridge.

Daddy and Pop had to go back to Bama for a couple of jobs during the middle of the
week so the big girls and I chose to do a little sight seeing and get in a little bit of kayaking.
First stop was the NOC where we ate a little lunch, took in a little scenery and put our feet in
the water as we watched rafters finish their trips.

Best pizza around!

Next stop was Lake Nantahala with our kayaks. We talked Papa Jim
into loading up and taking us out for the day. I think he really enjoyed
the trip too. Gotta get those two into a couple of kayaks soon too!

Papa Jim, Emi and Abby leading the way.

Abby and Emi deciding where to go next.

Hang on guys don't leave poor ole Mom!

Papa Jim, Emi and Abby

A nice relaxing trip in the calm waters of Lake Nantahala.

This is Emily's first trip out with her new Kayak. I think she's a little
excited. She's a pro in that thing for sure!

Papa Jim and the beautiful scenery that is Nantahala!

Hey look, I really was there too!

When the guys returned we took yet another trip over to the lake to kayak
a little more. This time we got Granny T in a boat and let her test it out.
Papa Jim, Abby, Granny T and Emily
I think we've got a couple more kayakers buying their own boats in the near future.
Its just so relaxing.

The girls enjoyed swimming just as much as paddling I do believe.

One of the highest freshwater lakes east of the Mississippi.
It's one of my favorite spots for sure.

While waiting for the old folks to get back with our boats,
EC and I decided to do a little playing in the water too.

She wasn't so sure about the whole thing.

Pop waiting to get this show on the road. Pop, Perry, Rodney and I
journeyed all the way across the lake and back. It was a long haul for
sure. It was a nice trip, but man do I prefer the moving water of calm
creeks and rivers!

Franklin Taste of Scotland Festival:

EC's first official Scottish function!
She was the cutest little Scott around!
She marched in the parade and everything. In fact, she slept
through the whole thing! All the Oooo's and Ahhhh's were fun
to hear. The bagpipes didn't faze her a bit. Of course she
does hear them all the time at home!

My cute little Scottish gals!

Perry, Emily, Me, EC, Abby, D and Papaw.
Papaw and D made it up for this one. They missed the parade, but
got to hang out for the rest of the festival.

Perry, Abby, Me, D and Papaw.
Mimi told us we had to go check out The Sunset Restaurant while we were
in the area. EC and Emi went back to the cabin with Pop and Nonna and
missed all the good food.

Kayaking the Little Tennessee River for Emily's 9th Birthday:

This year for Emily's birthday we decided to get rid of the baby kayak and let
her join in on the real deal. So what better way to celebrate your 9th birthday than
taking you new kayak out to play. Instead of a friend party, we partied all
the way down the Little Tennessee River with family in our kayaks!

Abby trying to get all settled.

Papaw and D rented a couple of kayaks for the day too.
Hopefully they will have their own soon.

The whole crew was: Abby, Emily, Perry, Me, Pop, Papaw, D and Rodney.

See I was there too!



Emily and Abby - my kayakin' girls!

After a wonderful day of kayaking, we all went out for a birthday dinner!
They even brought her a cake and sang happy birthday. I do believe
she enjoyed her day! (Which was her actual birthday!)

When we got back to the cabin, Granny T had another surprise for our
little Emi....another little party and a cake! What's a birthday without a cake?

Opening more gifts!

And she's officially 9!

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