Monday, October 3, 2016

Garden 2016

What a beautiful spring for a growing garden!

My flower child and her duck face!

Helping daddy spray fish fertilizer on the new elderberries.

Our little mater plants almost ready to go to their new homes.

Heirloom mater plant sale was a success!

Daddy and his garden "helpers".

Green beans

Cranberry Butterbeans



Just a girl with her shovel and bucket

Ready to go back out and garden some more!

Gardening is hard work.

Creek time

Dinner from the yard!

Daily bounty

My new hall closet is filled with:

Green beans



Muscadine Jelly

The blueberry thief:

She eats one and then feeds you too!

Chicken Whisperer EC

This year we decided to grow a few tomato plants and see if we could sell them. It was quite the success and we plan to grow our little farm business in the future. We sold around 250-300 plants.

Another little garden side project is a high tunnel greenhouse we are working on. Perry went out and salvaged the frame from a neighbor's property. The property was so grown up, Perry basically had to cut through the woods to get to it. Thankfully he was able to bend the frame back into shape. Now to get it covered with plastic.

Scotch eggs and home grown fries.

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