Monday, October 10, 2016

Emily turns 10

This spunky little, full of energy, sassy chick is officially in double digits. We have an amazing pirate themed birthday party that will knock everyone's socks off!

With pirate decorations, a scavenger hunt for "buried" treasure and a water balloon fight,
I dare say Emily's 10th Birthday party was ARG...uably the best one yet!

Daisy, Emily, Sara Beth and Emily Brownlee

Emily Brownlee, Daisy, Sara Beth, Mary Kate and Emily

Searching for the next clue.

Brian, Dez and Ashton

Making sure they were on the right track.

On a mission.

GT and EC
EC joined the party after a good nap at GT's house.

The last clue led them to the root cellar.

The "buried" treasure.

Pirate's gold!

Ruby, Sara Beth, Abby Hill, Marnay, Mary Kate, Emily, Daisy and Emily Brownlee

EC, Lala and Mimi

D and EC

Meg, Papa Perry and Mimi

Going over the rules.

Let the games begin!

Looking through all the goodies.

EC and her Pop

Sugary goodness.

Wanna share!?!

The birthday girl is officially into double digits!!
Happy Birthday Emily Elizabeth!!

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