Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Bit!

I can't believe the baby is already 7! She has grown from this paci-loving, pig-tail wearing little munckin.....
To this toothless, beautiful little mess.

We have been so blessed to be the parents of this spunky, life-loving, precious little young lady!
Happy Birthday 7th Little Bit! Can't wait to see what the future has in store for you!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Little Bit turns 7 and Miss Priss turns 10 and 1/2

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - 25¢
Happy birthday to my Little Bit! It was technically her birthday, but because Miss Priss's b'day is in the cold month of January we invited friends for each of them and sang birthday wishes to them both. It was a great party day....NO RAIN and it wasn't that hot. Everyone had a great time.
My cute pink lemonade cupcakes!

Yep that's a real lemon and mint from my garden!

I love this cupcake tree. It saves me every year from having to attempt an actual cake!

The lemonade stand.

The birthday girls.

Little Bit turning 7.

Miss Priss celebrating being 10.

The girls hangin' out and chatting over Lemonade.

Aunt Les enjoying the lemonade.

Sneaking some bubble gum.

The gift table and everyone enjoying the afternoon.

Cake time!

Lots of candles to blow out!

Happy birthday!

Miss Priss and her buddies enjoying the cupcakes.

Miss Priss, Hannah and Mallory.

Sweet girls!

Miss Priss giving her party favors to her buddies.

Sweet big sis pushing bubba on the swing!
Slip -n- Slide time!

Ah now.... she wimped out and kept running!
Now that's a slide!
Double fun with the sprinkler too!

Present time:
It was really hard to manage two birthday girls at once, especially at gift time! I needed two of me to see everything!

I made it through and still had a smile on my face!

Best buds!

Silly girls!


Little man! Love that smile!

Sweet friends! Its not everyday the girls have a friend they can share. Both of the girls love Abby!
Another birthday summer in the books. Can't believe I have a 10 year old and 7 year old! Time is going by entirely way to fast. If I could freeze them at perfect little age, I would do it in no time!
Happy Birthday girls!

Beach bums 2013

Ah the sounds of ocean waves and the feel of sand between my toes! Its been two years since the last time the girls and I were at the beach and countless years since we were able to drag the Woodsman along! With a little bit of persuading, we finally managed to talk him into a trip to the beach! 
This year Granny T and Jim invited us to join them for a few days in PCB to enjoy some fun in the sun. It didn't take much to convince me! I like the mountains more than the beach, but I won't say no to a quick trip to put my feet in the water. We all had a great time and the best part is......I got family pictures out of the deal! Sweet! Big thanks to Papa Jim for snapping the pics and to Granny T for making them all smile!

My favorite! So simple and sweet. 

Having a blast jumping over waves.
Our little family.

Ah look he holds my hand!

And smiles!

Can't believe we left our sunglasses on for most of the pics. Jim had the great idea to tell us to take them off for a few. So glad we didn't wear the sunglasses for them all!
My beautiful girls:

Sweet sisters!

Miss Priss - 10 and 1/2

Little Bit - almost 7 

Granny T got this smile out of the Woodsman and didn't even know she was the cause of it. Apparently she was in the background while Jim was trying to take the picture. He started off yelling "Betty". She didn't hear him so he got louder.... "Betty". She still didn't hear so he yelled "BETTY JEAN move!" as loud as he could. She perked up with that 'what??' look on her face and the Woodsman thought it was hilarious. Guess you had to be there. I think he laughed so hard because the situation reminded him of having to deal with me! Oh well!
Granny T, Papa Jim and their girls. (Great granddaughters)
Your turn! Ah the sweet couple.
Now for some real shots of just playing on the beach:
Our little piece of the sand.
Granny T and the Woodsman lathering up with sunscreen.
It was nice to be so close to the water.
I promise I put sunscreen on the child the day before! She still managed to get way too much sun!
Just a diggin'.
Miss Priss letting the crabs we caught the night before go back to the ocean.
I am amazed at how much fun all children seem to have just digging in the sand!
They convinced Daddy to join them in the water.

And this is what happened! Hehehe!
Yep, my lily-white, bearded man at the beach!
Storm is coming in and the girls are bringing all their goodies back to the room.
Thanks again for a great trip. We enjoyed the sun, sand and visit!