Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saor Patrol at the GMHG 2011

This year's main entertainment at the GMHG was the wonderful bagpipe and drum band Saor Patrol. Saor (pronounce shore) comes from the Gaelic word ‘Saorsa’, meaning freedom / liberty. So Saor Patrol means freedom patrol! The music was great and the guys were really cool to watch! I must say they really look the part!

We had no idea Saor Patrol was going to be at the festival this year. I was walking by one of the signs and just happened to see their name written very small in light green. Most of the time I don't know the bands that are preforming, but in this case I actually knew who they were before going to the games. P discovered these guys on youtube a few months ago and quickly fell in love with their style. You can check out their sound here . It's not for everyone I know, but we really enjoy the music so it was AWESOME to get to see them live!

This guy (Charlie) is amazing. Not only does he look the part, but he can play the mess out of those pipes! If you have ever watched the movie "Gladiator" with Russell Crowe then you have seen Charlie before. He's the guy at the beginning of the movie that leads the Germanic hoard against the Romans and brandishes a severed head. You can watch it here.
The drummers in action.

Miss Priss enjoying her first live concert!

The guys warming up.

Pipes and drums! Love it!

The whole band.

Alba gu Braith!
(Scotland Forever!)

Glad we were able to see these guys! They are the real deal from Scotland! Love to hear them speak! They are currently on tour in Germany and took their one weekend off to perform here in the states at the games. Hopefully it was a good experience for them and they will want to come back again!

GMHG 2011

Ah, finally time for the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. They only come around once a year and they always seem to come and go way too fast! This year was good, but it just wasn't the same. The guy that I buy my Scottish Blend Tea from had just sold my tea 30 minutes before I got there, we didn't stay for the whole festival this time and it was HOT!! That's all I have to complain about, so it couldn't have been too bad! ;) We were in the mountains not having to work, listening to bagpipes, seeing people in kilts, shopping for scottish treasures and enjoying the food!!! What more could you really ask for?!

Entering the games!

Papaw, Mr.Moses, Miss Priss, D and me standing in front of the Hay Clan tent.

Me and Miss Priss

Watching the highland dancers compete. 

Papaw, D, Miss Priss and Me 

Me and Miss Priss. This trip to the GMHG was a first for Miss Priss. I must say she enjoyed every minute of it!

Miss Priss and Charlie from Saor Patrol. He just looks so cool! Miss Priss was thrilled to have her picture made with him and he was nice enough to take some time out to pose!

Miss Priss and the Hay Clan fairy.

Miss Priss with the Hay Clan convenor Mr. Moses.

Miss Priss the viking!

Miss Priss posing and hoping mommy will be finished taking pictures soon!

This is what a full day of the GMHG will do to ya! I think she enjoyed it! ;)

Thomas reunion day 3....part 3

We ended day 3 of the reunion (which was on the 4th of July!) with watching the fabulous fireworks show in downtown Murphy. The town really went all out for the celebration. The had live music, venders, the firework show of course and my favorite BOILED PEANUTS - yum!

Everyone watching as the fireworks lit up the sky!
Pop, Joel, Jeff, Erica and Karen in the background.
Nonna, Little Bit, Haley and Miss Priss sitting in front.

The reunion came to a close with the end of the firework show. The girls enjoyed meeting and playing with cousins they had never met .I think it turned out very well and everyone enjoyed their time together.  Hope we can get everyone together again soon!

Thomas reunion day 3....part 2......Waterfalls!

After eating and walking through Franklin we were off to see all the beautiful waterfalls. Western North Carolina is full of creeks, rivers and these gorgeous waterfalls. I swear they are around every corner. All the waterfalls we visited were between Franklin and Highlands and they were all right off the road. The pictures just don't do them justice, but we can always try!

Cullasaja Falls

This first waterfall was literally right off the road and there was no space to really pull off to look at it. It was probably the most beautiful too! We were able to squeeze into this one little spot on the side of the road for a quick picture before we had to keep moving.

Jodi and Jay

Dry Falls

The second waterfall we visited was Dry Falls. This waterfall was really cool. They have a great parking area and a very nice trail down to the falls. The name of this waterfall accurately describes the falls because you can walk behind the water and stay dry.....well mostly! The girls really enjoyed walking around the rocks and going "under" the waterfall. It was also beautiful to look at!

Pop, Nonna, Miss Priss and Little Bit standing under the falls.

Pop, Nonna, Miss Priss and Little Bit again under the falls.

This was from the other side of the waterfall.

The crew that went sight seeing.
Back row l to r: Jay, Debbie, Bonnie, Jodi, Cherry, Tom, Mike and Cindy
Front row l to r: Sierra, Joel, Little Bit, Me, Miss Priss and Pop

Had to have a picture of me and the girls standing under the falls too!

The next waterfall was Bridal Veil Falls. They had the signs for all of the waterfalls and I didn't think to start taking pictures until the last one! Way to go Miss Photographer.....oh well!

This waterfall was cool too! You could drive under it. I ran across the street to get pics of everyone driving under the bridal veil!

Miss Priss and Little Bit hanging out of the window!

Jodi and Cindy waving.

Tom and Cherry's crew under the veil.

After visiting 3 of the falls we decided it would take too long to see the others and get back in time for fireworks that we stopped off in Highlands, NC and drove by this amazing view. Of course I had to stop and get some pictures. I could sit and stare at this all day!!!

And I don't think I am the only one!!
Miss Priss and Little Bit with their Pop.

Downtown Highlands, NC. It was a very cute little town. The brick building to the left is a SPA. Hint...hint!

Just thought it was cool. You don't see very many Jeep trucks.

This was one of the old cars that was in the 4th of July parade from earlier in the day. I just thought it was cool and had to stop and take a picture!

So if you know me, you know I like to take pictures of barns! This barn and the view behind it was amazing. I wasn't able to capture what I saw though! I was so disappointed! There was no good place to pull off on the side of the road! It was nothing but a huge hill! I just know if I could get to the top of that hill and look down this would be an AWESOME shot. Oh well, better luck next time!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thomas reunion day 3....part 1

The third day of our reunion was quite a long one! It will actually take me 3 different posts to get to all of it. Part 1 is our visit to Franklin. We started out our day with the idea of traveling to Franklin to visit all the beautiful waterfalls in the morning. Well with our bunch, we got a late start and ended up in Franklin just in time for lunch. So we stopped at this cute little 50s diner. It was good food and it gave me some time to take some pictures of the beautiful little town of Franklin, NC.

I really like the way this picture turned out!

More to come with this picture as soon as I do a little research!!

Me and the girls visiting the Scottish Tartan Museum. We didn't have time to go in the museum this time, but it was cool to get to take the girls on a walk through this cute little town.