Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick or treat, smell my feet....

 Yes my 5 year old has learned the rest of the song and won't stop singing it!

This year the girls chose to wear their Scottish princess dresses for a second time. There was actually no coaxing involved either! We had plans to dress up as witches, but since the dresses still fit, they wanted to wear them one last time. It suited me just fine! No fuss - we already had everything we needed.

We started off at Pop and Nonna's (thanks to Nonna for having them ready when I arrived!) and then walked through town for the business trick or treating. I love that about our little town. All the businesses down town stand outside their doors with candy and goodies from 4pm to 6pm on Halloween. Its awesome!

 Love this one.....they look so big!

 Waiting patiently in line for more candy!

 Asking Sparky where the candy was!

After finishing up down town, we headed over to Papaw and D's to trick or treat in a HUGE neighborhood close to their house. I swear the neighborhood is endless and they all get into the whole Halloween festivities! The girls love going from house to house filling up their buckets with candy!

We didn't know this little girl and she probably thought we were crazy, but her costume was just too darn cute. Gotta love those southern belles!

After trick or treating we went back to D's house for some good ole Chick-fil-a (and to see all the goodies they had collected). Another successful Halloween in the books! 

Halloween Party ballet style!

 One more thing I love about our new dance studio.....they have parties!!!
The girls had a blast dressing up to go to ballet class last week. They danced for the first half of class and partied the second half. Everyone brought a treat to share, it was quite nice!

I do have to admit something here though.....sigh. October has been a really busy month for us and the days started to get a little jumbled. Sooo, Mommy may have gotten the day for the party wrong. That's right Mommy sent the girls to the dance studio in their costumes treats in hand a whole.week.early. I think I was more embarrassed than they were thankfully. Daddy laughed and laughed and made sure to tell the girls it wouldn't be the last time one of their parents embarrassed them. At least it wasn't a week late!

Phew....had to get that off my chest! ;) Thankfully they had their regular ballet clothes with them and were able to quickly change for class. Here are a few pictures from the correct party day!

 My "Scottish" princesses.
(Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots)

 Little Bit and her tap, jazz and ballet class.

 Little Bit's class saying the blessing before stinkin' cute!

 Waiting for all her goodies!

 The grand ballet party table.


 Miss Priss's ballet class.


 Ready to dig in.

 Another grand ballet party table.

 Miss Priss and her buddy from school that's also in her ballet class. They were both beautiful victorian princesses.

We are very much so loving dance class this year! The girls are doing a great job and I can't wait to see their performances at the end of the year!