Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's 2014 and we're off....

New additions to the garden areas and I couldn't be more thrilled. You know the Woodsman can't sit still and he uses every minute of these nice weather days to get a head start on growing season. This year we have added a lot of new raised beds for hopefully a better crop. Can't wait to see them in use this summer!

These two beds will be the new home of all of our tomatoes. Yummy. I can taste the BLTs already.

These four beds will be for green beans, cranberry butterbeans, various greens and herbs.
And check out the start of the greenhouse next to the chicken pen!

The most exciting addition is our hoop house style greenhouse. It will be small, but it will help provide a place besides my kitchen table to start all of our seeds. Big plans for this small area!!

Another project we completed this year was the driveway. Whoohoo! No more gravel and bumps. This just made the front look and feel complete!

Miss Priss turns 11 - HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!

I know I say it every year, but man where has the time gone? This beautiful girl.....I mean young lady is amazing. Fiddle lessons, choir practice, being a straight A student in the honor society and girl scouts are just a few of the things that keep this one busy. We are very lucky to have this responsible, fun-loving chick in our family!

This year on her actual birthday, Miss Priss had a school choir performance. So as usual we went out to eat afterwards, but this time we let the birthday girl choose the place. She picked Awful House, I mean Waffle House and we all ate a wonderful dinner!

Someone LOVES her big sister!