Thursday, June 13, 2013

Burns Dinner 2013

We have recently become members of the Caledonian Society of Alabama. The CSA is another Scottish organization that brings fellow Scotsmen together to celebrate their heritage and just simply enjoy each other's company.
This year we attended our first Robert Burns Dinner. This dinner is a celebration of the life of Scotland's most famous poet. His claim to fame is the Auld Lang Syne (Old Long Song). You may not know it by name, but I guarantee you sing it on New Year's Eve. Hear Julie Andrews sing it here!
It's a pot luck dinner (my fav), so everyone is asked to bring something. Of course I brought a dessert and what better than shortbread cookies for a Scottish dinner!

I used my new shortbread cookie pan my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas. I just love the celtic knot designs! And they turned out pretty tasty too!

The Scottish flag cake my mother-in-law made. Man she is talented!

Of course the tradional family photo! Thanks Pop!

The Ian Sturrock Memorial Pipe Band.

Bringing out the Haggis!

The host presents and cuts the haggis.

Then he reads a Robert Burns poem about haggis and invites everyone to have a bite! (Yuck)

The music for the evening was wonderful! It included fiddles, banjos, guitars, bag pipes and the talented Jil Chambless vocal.
The kids enjoyed dancing to all the wonderful music and Little Bit had quite the new little admirer.

Little Bit trying to talk Miss Priss into dancing with her.

No luck, so Little Bit continued to dance on her own. I know she slept great that night!

My scottish girls!

Finally convinced sister to dance with her! They were so cute and did such a wonderful job. I would love to put them in lessons for the Irish Set dancing, but the closest place is in Birmingham and its just too expensive. EEk. Maybe one day! For now they are having a blast making up their own dance moves and doing quite well at it too!

Snow-ish 2013

Alabama weather is always crazy. You just never know what you are going to get. Temperatures can range from 14*F in the winter to 112*F in the summer. Sometimes it snows 3 feet and sometimes its 75*F in January.
For the past couple of winters we have managed to get a pretty good snow fall, but this year was a little disappointing. It tried to snow, but nothing would stick and we were left with a wet, muddy mess!
Looking down into the woods. The snow is falling, but all its making is a big mud puddle!

Miss Priss in the shop trying to stay dry and warm.

Little Bit wanting so very badly to play in the snow.

At least you can somewhat see the flakes falling!

Snow 2013

NEHS 2013

NEHS or National Elemetary Honor Society is an organization that honors children with good grades and good behavior. You have to have both to be asked to join! And of course Miss Priss qualifies all the way around! We are so proud of this young lady and all that she accomplishes!
Waiting for her turn.

 Receiving her pen and certificate.

One happy young lady!