Friday, September 30, 2016

EC's first birthday party

It's official...Eloise Claire is one! We had a beautiful day for an outdoor party. We had a wonderful turn out with lots of friends and family to help us celebrate. EC did a fabulous job talking to all of her guests, opening gifts, eating cake, dancing to bagpipes and just enjoying the afternoon. She was just a pleasant, cute little party animal.

Aunt LaLa and EC getting ready to party


She loved the bubble machine. 

EC's b'day present from Aunt Carolyn.
She can't wait to face forward in the car!

My nifty goodie bags for the kids. 

Nonna and EC sharing their birthday.

Taxi service

Gift table

Kris and her dad checking out the yard and gardens

View from the new deck.

View from the garden

EC's monthly pictures


Katie, Emi and Sarah

Rodney, Steve, Ben and Papa Perry

Chris sneaking more chips.

Sneaking away with more snacks

Laura, EC, Me, Ashley, Nonna and D

Our Taxi driver

Celeste and finance David

Nurse Laura (she delivered EC a year ago)

Ashley (pregnant with Sam) taking a break.

Aunt Laura helping EC get her tutu adjusted.

She thoroughly enjoyed opening each and every one of her gifts.
She was a pro after getting all the practice at Christmas.

She wasn't sure about the cake at first, but once she got a little taste she was sold!

Right after diving into the cake, EC was itching to get down out of the chair to go hear Pop play Happy Birthday on the bagpipes. She couldn't get down fast enough. Happy Birthday EC!!